Tamoxifen, side effects..

I am really struggling with hot flushes and nausea, have been on tamoxifen now for 10 months, the first few months were like this, then I was ok, but have been feeling like this for last 6 weeks. I have been taking an anti depressant for 3 months now, could it be linked to that. Has anyone got any advise please.

hi northern bird. ive been on tamoxifen for 19 months and over the past few months my se seem to be getting worse eg night sweats. hot flushes, knee pain. ive spoken to my bc nurse about it and iam about to start a mild dose of anti depressant. have your se got worse being on the anti depressants. my bc nurse said i would feel rough for the first two weeks but once my body had got use to them i would start to feel better. thanks for any advise. i dont want to start them if they make me feel worse. xxx gaynor

Hi Gaynor. I have been feeling much worse since I have been taking anti depressants, could be coincidence, I will be seeing my gp on friday, see what he says…

hi my bc nurse said give them a go if they dont agree with me i can come off them. ive heard many mixed feeling about them and not sure what to do. se are bad enough. dont want to add any more se to the list. iam on zoladex injections too and going through early menopause.xxx gaynor

we all have different side effects, you might be ok with yours. hope you get on well with them…take care…Tracey.x

When I was put on 20mg my surgeon outlined the side effects (2008). I’ve put up with the usual as he told me it reduced risk by 50%. He did say however there was research to suggest a 10mg dose gave same benifit. Ask at your next appointment.