Tamoxifen side effects

I was diagnosed 6weeks ago with secondary bone mets in my rib only at the moment, I’ve had 10days of radiotherapy and been on tamoxifen for 6weeks I’m constantly feeling nauseas and finding it difficult to eat at times. At first I know this was anxiety but not so sure now. The side effects of tam seem to be kicking in already, night sweats jiont pain generally feeling of low energy and lack of confidence. I am so tempted to stop and try alternative treatment Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped me in the past. After previous 5years on tam found I was in a lot of pain and GP physio ect did not touch it. Does anyone have any views or experience with this.

Hi Desi-2

You might find it helpful to post in our secondary diagnosis area as the users there have a lot of knowledge and experience between them.  Also you might find it helpful to join in Secondary Live Chat which runs each Tuesday evening between 8.30 and 9.30pm, it’s hosted by a nurse and a facilitator so there’s always someone to talk to.  This session is dedicated to those who have a secondary diagnosis only so there are people who understand what you are going through.  Just follow the link below for more information, you’ll be made most welcome if you join.


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Jo, Moderator

Hi,desi, I had a lot of what I would describe as muscle pain and joint pain ,I described it as my roaming rib pain,which kept moving around and was very painful to touch with tamoxifen. Also a lot of nausea . I got anti sickness from my GP.and took pain meds too. I was only on tamoxifen for 5 month before it stopped working. But the SEs got better after a couple of months. I would not stop taking it unless your onc tells you. Just hang in there and hopefully the SEs will get more manageable .
Huge hug,Helen xx