Tamoxifen - what they don't tell you about ...

Not a frequent visitor nowadays, but thought you might like to know about my experience with tamoxifen.

I opted to take tamoxifen rather than arimidex for a number of reasons. For the first three years, I would not even have known I was on this drug, taking up exercise, eating well and feeling tons better. Then I started to get bouts of cystitis, and these episodes got closer and closer together, effectively ruining my life when in the midst of one.

Sometimes there was actually a UTI, but more often than not, my urine samples came back negative. Antibiotics seemed to take the edge off the pain, but not for long, no matter which ones I tried.

My GP said it was all down to the menopause, and that it was nothing to do with tamoxifen, as many postmenopausal women suffer from cystitis.

Reluctantly, I accepted this, and carried on taking the drug for the full five years, in spite of the crippling pain.

A month ago, I came off this toxic drug and surprise, surprise, the pain has gone and I feel like a new woman! I really thought this was going to be my lot from now on, and am so pleased to have my life back!

However, I am grateful to be here …


Bumping this up to the top again.

I try not to let BC rule my life anymore, but thought it important to relay what happened to me when taking tamoxifen, even though cystitis is not a known side effect listed for this drug.

Just be aware that acute pelvic pain can be attributed to tamoxifen.

Good luck to everyone!