Hi i have been on Tamoxifen for 3 weeks now up to yesterday i have been fine but now lastnight i started getting zig zag vision it went once i had gone to bed but at work today i started getting it again it lasted about 40 mins then went again doctor said it could be migraine but without the headache anyone had anything similar .

Hi there,

I get migraines without the headaches, just the visual disturbance as you described. I’ve had them sporadically for years, long before BC, and find they tend to occur when I am very tired or stressed. I had a couple whilst on tamoxifen, although to be honest I’m not sure that the tamoxifen was a trigger for me. Once I switched to Letrazole, I did have more, and I know the migraine is a recognised side effect.

I would mention it to your oncologist, and see what treatment they can recommend.

Best of luck,
J x

Thanks i have spoke to bc nurse she said when i start my radiopherapy next week to ask my oncolist if i get them frequently

Hi mmummy78,

Just to echo the previous answer - I too have the visual disturbances of a migraine without the headache. I’m on Tamoxifen and have not noticed any connection between to two. (My symptoms were misdiagnosed for years! They kept sending me for eyesight tests.) It will be interesting to hear what your oncologist says.

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My optician said that whilst on tamoxifen, if i look at something that i know is straight, but that looks curved or bent, then to see him straight away.

that’s what my optician said, too. If i get any eye sight problems- like straight lines not looking straight to see him asap. dont mean to worry you…