Hi everyone

I am taking Tamoxifen which i see as my life saving pill but I am getting alot of pain in my lower abdomen, especialy when I pee. I have had anti biotics and will be having a scan in 2 weeks…has anyone else had these symptons while taking Tamoxifen? I’ve had one period in 8 months

Thanks xx

I seem to hsve a pain in my left thigh when i sit down sometimes, strange cause walking and standing up fine, think saw on here someone else had similar. but nothing where you say ditzy 65. guess these are what we must live with,.  Im fed up with hot flushes but i think o well the oestrogen must be not in my body so lowers my risk.  When  you read the dreadful news Rio Ferdinands wife 36 anc dead of breast cancer, makes you seriously take stock. its still a killer and we who had it must put up with lots to stop it coming back,.june

Hi - First Post so if I mess up sorry.

The C Word is on BBC tonight. I want to watch it to see if I have things in common with others going through this,but I know I will cry as soon as it starts! I’ve decide to record it and watch on my own. Looking round the site sounds like I am “normal” after all which is very comforting to me…xx