Being unable to get an appointment with an Oncologist I thought I’d ask the real experts ?. Do the side effects of Tamoxifen last the duration of 5 years. At this rate after 5 years I’m going to be a morbidly obese, sweaty, emotional wreck!!!
I was 44 at diagnosis so don’t even know if it will be 5 or 10 years and emotionally I am still massively struggling.

Hi tgregory

Everyone reacts differently to Tamoxifen and some people do experience more side effects than others.  Some people find that side effects do settle after a few months but for some the side effects continue and can cause ongoing distress and disrupt their everyday life.

If you have a breast care nurse do talk to her about this and about how you are struggling emotionally. You may want to try again to see your oncologist as he/she may suggest treatments that can help.

Many women put on weight as a result of breast cancer treatment and the emotions involved with being diagnosed. There is, however, no evidence that weight gain is related to taking tamoxifen.  

Menopausal symptoms are often reported due to breast cancer treatment especially hormone therapy such as tamoxifen. Our menopausal symptoms and diet and breast cancer booklets have more information about managing these side effects.

Many people are surprised at how emotional they feel at this time.  Adapting to life can often be difficult especially when you no longer have much contact with your specialist team.  You may like to consider our Moving forward courses which can be informative and reassuring at this time. We also have a service called Someone Like Me if you think it would help to talk to someone who has had a similar experience.

Do call our free, confidential Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. The number is 0808 800 6000. We’re here Monday to Saturday from 9am. On Wednesdays we’re open until 7pm, other weekdays it’s 5pm and on Saturdays it’s 1pm.

Best wishes


Breast Cancer Care Nurse

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Hi TG might be better to post on the hormone section under going through treatment there’s lots of chat on there. Some people are fine at first then develop SEs after some months or years, others start bad & it gradually gets better. I understand your post, but I don’t think there’s a set answer. I think everyone has a different experience with it. xx

Thank you Chirpy Bird. I’ve stopped taking it now. My after care at my local hospital is diabolical so I’ve seen a private Oncologist who said the difference it would make in the NHS Predict web site was point 3. The last few months have been hell on earth and I need to try and get my life back and some sort of control. I’m hoping once this drug leaves my system I can start getting my life back. Once I get the continued nerve pain under control too. Thanks for answering me.

Hi , I know how u feel I’ve been on tamoxifen almost 4 years now and I look and feel about 90years old, I’m 46, I’m told I need to do a total of 10years on tamoxifen ?

Hi QPR1111 I genuinely feel for you. It’s a totally lame thing to say but there are sometimes no words. It’s sickening that we get this **bleep**e illness in the first place then have all this after. I really hope things sort out for you soon. Sending a great big hug.

Hi Belle
For the joint pains try the lady care magnet. And for the hot sweats at night look on complete care website. They do a mattress topper and pillow case they are about £65 ish but genuinely the mattress topper is amazing. And works. The magnet has got mixed reviews but I had the most intense leg cramps and it really helped mine.