Tamoxifen Hi I was wondering if there was anyone who could give me some advice and share their experience. I was diagnosed with grade 2 invasive breast cancer 7 weeks ago, I am 31 with no children. I have since had a lumpectomy, sentinial node biopsy and started radiotherapy. I have been advised to take the hormone treatment tamoxifen and I am concerned about the side effects. Has anyone taken this drug and if so how did it make you feel?

I currently live in Sydney Australia although I am from London - it feels like I am a long way from home. Any advice would be most welcome.

Tamoxifen Hi
I started taking Tamoxifen in July and the only side effects I have are hot flushes. Seem to spend my day taking my jacket on and off and my nights throwing the duvet on and off.

Otherwise don’t have any other problems except remembering to take it every day.

Good luck with your treatment

Sue x

I started it 2 months ago. I have had the hot flushes, but chemo had also brought them on. They are subsiding a bit now. No other problmes so far. I personally would stick with it even if i had more severe symptoms as my BC was very hormone receptive, and so Tamoxidfen is a very important part of my treatment

Tamoxifen 7 years on I took Tamoxifen for 5 years, and have been off it for 2 years now. There were no serious side effects, only I felt hotter than usual sometimes, and had excess sweating if I over exerted myself.
Several other people have reported hot flushes, putting on weight, their memory not being what it used to be, and several other side effects.
It is up to you to find out whether it suits you.
The list of side effects can be very frightening when you read it when starting to take Tamoxifen, but most people have found that it does not affect them all that much.
The benefits often outweigh the bad side effects, and it gives you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to prevent the return of the cancer.

David S

TAmoxifen I’ve been on it for 10 months - slight flushing seems the only side effect, though I do have to watch my diet as weight gain is a danger. It is far more tolerable for me than exemestane which really made me feel awful.