AFter a long process, I finished 6 rounds of chemo 33 radiation treatments and 18 herceptin treatments…although none of it was fun, it was bearable with manageable side effects.  I began tamoxifin oct 2013 so I have been on it for approx. 18 months. at the 15 month mark, I developed a very itchy rash on my arms.  Went to my GP, Initiallty thought it was laundry detergent but after switching  detergents and trying a steroid cream and anti-histamine pill, it got worse instead of better. It spread to my shoulders, legs and stomache.  I have since seen a determatologist  and have a stronger steroid cream and prednisone.  Finally they did a skin punch biopsy from my shoulder and they now  think it is a reaction to medication (probabyl tamox).  I have been off tamoxifin for 6 days now and wonder how long it should take to notice results if it was the tamoxifin causing the skin rash.  I am still itchy and maybe feeling a little relief or maybe just wishful thinking,…anyone else have this issue?

  I also take 2 medications for heart issues I delveloped during herceptin treatments.  (Lucky me!)

next step is cardiologist for the other drugs if tamoxifin isnt the culprit.

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It might be helpful tp phone our Helpline to talk this over.  They’ll be able to offer information and support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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