'Tarantino' periods

Hi Ladies,
I stole that phrase from the lovely Ripley, who always has such a good way of describing things, and makes me laugh out loud.
I’m really struggling with super-heavy periods at the moment, and have been referred to the gynae team. But while I wait for some help, please can anyone share practical ideas to save me mountains of washing and having to stay near a loo for days at a time? I’m getting through a super-plus tampon and heavy-duty pad every hour on the worst day. In particular i want to know if anyone’s tried inserting two tampons at once? Using ‘Tena lady’ type pads, or anything else you can buy that gives you more protection? Or any other ideas (particularly for night-time). Even sleeping on a towel doesn’t protect the bedding from the early morning ‘gush’.
In case you’re interested, I was diagnosed in March 07 with BC and liver secondaries. Had chemo and periods stopped (I was 44), then herceptin and Tamoxifen. Periods returned a year later and have been very on/off but very heavy and getting worse.
Any ideas gratefully received

OMG! I know exactly what you mean! I’ve got the heaviest periods and it’s virtually unmanageable and extremely anti-social!

I went to stay with friends in wales recently and had 4 hours in the car, it was the first day of my period and I had super duper strength tampon and huge great big pad and as soon as I stepped out of the car - gush and it was really embarrasing! we hadn’t stopped as i thought it would be ok on first day and had 2 sleeping boys in the car so risked it!

i don’t have any advice though I’m looking myself, 2 tampons seems a bit dangerous, I wouldn’t try that.

Actually, I’m due to start chemo again so that will probably help me but would rather another method personally.

good luck!


Hi Jacksy, I haven’t personally had this problem as chemo stopped my periods years ago. However I had a relative to stay with me recently and she was worried about having an accident on my bed.( she was very ill with advanced cancer that caused heavy bleeding from her bottom). We put a shower curtain on top of the matress,then a cheap disposable duvet for around £6 from ikea which made it more comfortable to sleep on, then on top of the sheet she used a kind of disposable nappy/sheet that is designed to go on top of baby changing mats. I know night-time may not be the main problem but it may be something to help you overnight. She told me she found that several pantyliners were more comfortable to wear than one huge thick sanitary towel. Cannot vouch for any of this myself but maybe it would be worth a try. Love Val

Hi Jacksy

Prior to my diagnosis I was on the list for possible hysterectomy due to very heavy periods caused by a very large fibroid. My periods seem to have stopped now due to goserelin injections. I know what you are going through as I couldnt go an hour without rushing to the loo to stem the flow.

Not sure whether this will help but before I started cancer treatment I was taking Mefanemic acid tablets. These really help control the blood loss. You could ask your onc if it would be ok to take them. They are not hormonal and I was told that I could continue to take them if I needed to but thank god I havent had a period sice August. The only up side I have found so far to treatment.



Hey. Had heard of that acid tablet- sister took it for prolonged blood loss after her babies and it worked well.

Just a thought- ever tried a moon cup? Mate swears by them altho they do sound a little fiddly they can cope with a lot of blood before being emptied and you arent continually putting dry tampons up every hour which i find makes me sore.

Cant say ive used one but as i said, mate raves about them.


I also have Tarantino periods - describes them perfectly!
I don’t think you would be able to use mefenamic acid if you have liver secondaries as its a NSAID and metabolized by the liver. I used it for heavy periods and found it OK, but not good enough so am awaiting surgery for a microwave treatment of the uterus lining as don’t fancy the mirena coil.
Might try the moon cup - looks OK in theory, just concerned that it might pop out when I sneeze or cough and then resemble a scene from Resevoir Dogs! Far more enviromentally friendly than tampons!

Hi Jacquie

I use a mooncup and they do hold more than a super plus tampon. It takes a bit of getting used to as there’s a knack to getting it in and you have to make sure the suction’s there or it’ll leak. You don’t have to mind ‘fiddling about’ down there! My periods stopped when I was on zoladex 2 years ago and I’m still taking tamoxifen. I thought they’d gone but had 2 horrendous ones earlier this year. Whilst the mooncup is messy I managed the heaviest days by emptying it every 1-2 hours. I also wore a panty liner as there’s usually a bit of residue. Over night I’d wear a pad aswell which helped with that ‘gush’! I’ve seen it advertised as being sold at bigger Boots and I’m sure they have a website.

Good luck


Oh Jackie I so feel for you. What your’re describing was exactly my experience earlier this year. I’m sure it’s the Tamoxifen whether the docs agree or not I’m absolutely convinced. You’ve had great advice on how to deal with it so I won’t add more but just to say when you get your referral to the gynae team I had endometrial ablation (you can google it for more info) rather than a hysterectomy and it was the best thing I ever did! Superfast recovery time. Was in as a day case under GA, whole procedure took prob about 20mins. Hardly any PAIN AT ALL, felt a bit sore and took about 3 doses of paracetamol over the next 2-3 days and didn’t drive for about 48hours. Now I have no more periods ever!!! or haven’t since I had it done in May anyway and the gynae doc thinks I shouldn’t have any ever. My life has been transformed. I’m 40 very pre meno and ER+PR+HER2+
Good luck, I hope you get offered this…
E xx

Hi E

I think what I have been offered is similar to the endometrial ablation but uses microwaves instead. This is the link my gynae consultant gave me to find out more. microsulis.com It is a really new treatment which destroys the endometrium so no good for anyone who wishes to have babies, but doesn’t involve any hormones, unlike the Mirena coil which seems to be the treatment of choice for problem periods but I am not keen because of progesterone. I am so glad to hear positive comments about it because it sound bloody (pardon the dreadful pun) awful and I was expecting massive cramps and pain afterwards - I was even considered cancelling. My periods are awful but I am not on Tamoxifen or any hormonal treatment so just down to periomenopause so I feel for you ladies who have what I go through plus the effects of medication.

Hi Cathy
mine was called Novasure endometrial ablation but it looks similar to what you’ve been offered. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve had such horrendous experiences going to theatre throughout this whole BC experience, tons of side effects and a few emergencies so I had lost all confidence and was dreading yet another procedure. When I woke up in recovery I was so pain free that for a few moments I wondered if I’d had another ‘drama’ and they’d abandoned the procedure!!
Godd luck with it and please don’t cancel. I really hope you get as good result as I have. I figure that after all we’ve been through it’s nice to actually gain a lifestyle benefit from all this…
E xx

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for your replies. It’s so good to hear from people who know what I’m talking about! You’ve given me lots of good ideas, and i feel a bit pre-armed for my gynae appointment too, so thanks very much all
Jacquie x

Hi Jacquie

Have just stumbled across this and totally sympathise with you. What a nightmare. have you had any joy from gynae? Haven’t got time for a long post now as need early night for chemo tomorrow, but perhaps we can share strategies at the London meet.