Help…its been nearly two whole weeks now since 2nd TAX and my tastebuds are still not 100%, everything just tastes quite bland and some things just taste wrong. Im starting to worry TAX has permanently removed my tastebuds.

Has anyone else experienced missing tastebuds for this long? x

not started TAX yet Clare but I had my 4th FEC 2 weeks ago and my taste buds are just slowly returning, food still tastes odd and I have this permanent nasty taste at the back of my tongue. Did you have FEC or another combo before your TAX? Im wondering whether its an accumulative effect as mine is really bad this time, it was slight during FECs 1 to 3, but now??? YUK!

I start Tax soon. I have 4 to endure.

Really hope your taste buds return soon, I know its possibly classed as one of the minor side effects but its bloody awful when you are going though it and can’t taste. Just horrid.

Hi libralady, i had 3 x FEC but didnt lose my taste buds at all. I have sucked icelollies/cubes all the way through but this hasnt had an effect with TAX (evil bugger that it is) For me the yukky mouth and no taste is the worst side effect, i absolutely love my food and it is so damn frustrating when something doesnt taste as good as it looks/smells. I have one more TAX to go which is next week and really wanted a week of my fave foods before it starts again but not sure im going to get this now

Hi Clare
My taste buds were out of commission the whole of the time I was having chemo. I had 3x FEC and 3x Tax I didn’t get my sense of taste back until about a month after the last chemo had finished. Don’t despair it may take a while but it won’t be forever!
All the best x

I love my food too, right now I’m overeating for no reason other than steroids but even though it tastes nasty I’m still eating! lol

Just hold on to that one more tax to go…not long now!

How are your other side effects with the TAX? Im after all the info I can get.

Like my hair has started to regrow before my last FEC, and its grown an inch and my scalp isn’t sore anymore, I wondered if I can expect it all to go again when I start on TAX? How is your hair going? Any sickness at all?

Sorry for all the questions? lol

Libralady - since starting TAX my hair has started to sprout fluff and not lost it again so i dont think tax effects the hair on head, however my lashes have all but deserted me and my brows are thinning but just about hanging on for dear life, they may yet dissappear on me. I have ached a LOT and had horrible nerve pains which i described as feeling like having a thousand tiny pirates attacking me with their knives but i think this was made worse because i had to have daily injections for 10 days to boost white blood cells. I havent had any sickness all through chemo (one of the lucky ones in that respect) i have felt damn miserable and irritable on tax and also have had lots of trouble sleeping. TAX is evil, hope you are luckier than I x

Thanks Ragamuffin, hate the thought of not tasting till end of chemo but perhaps i will lose a bit of the weight i put on through FEC as im not eating as much x


I had my last of 3 TAX on 18th November and my taste buds came back after 4-5 weeks. It’s the pits! On the plus side, I lost the weight I had been planning to lose (around 12kg) but I have found that my appetite is still a bit poor and sometimes I have to force myself to eat. (this despite Tamoxifen which many people say makes you put on weight)

I’m at the fluff stage with the hair too and thinking I actually looked better bald. It’s just a bit too character-off-confused.com at the mo!

Have bumped up the "Need positive posts about TAX’ thread for you. If it disappears again, you can find it near the borttom of the first page in the chemo section.

Good luck!

Laurie x

Whoo hoo Clare ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you know my 4th and final Tax was a week ago, I’m still unable to enjoy the lovely meals my hubby is cooking, and, (do you feel this?) food even though red hot tastes tepid. My 3rd Tax was 22nd Dec and it wasn’t until four days before 4th Tax that my taste buds improved, so only a few days of enjoyable eating. It’s so bloody frustrating isn’t it, and seems really unfair that most of our pleasures have been stolen by Tax? Hope you’ve saved your Hotel Chocolate for next week when hopefully you’ll savour the taste. Don’t despair sweetie, taste buds will return in time and think how much more we’ll enjoy food then, it will be celebration meals for a while! I can’t taste wine either and anyway it makes me feel dizzy, so given that up too, and normally I like nothing better than a fab meal with family or friends with a few glasses of good wine, but wine tastes metallic, ugh! ugh!.

Libralady, remember not everyone suffers on Tax, indeed some ladies report their S/E’s were worse with FEC, I truly hope you are one who doesn’t get knocked by the Tax truck. I haven’t had any nausea on Tax, had lots of other S/E’s though lol. Is it your first Tax next week? The first two or three days after infusion I felt my best, so make the most of those days just in case Tax does bite you on the bum, do you know if you are having the white blood cell booster jabs? Good luck LL, and let us know how Tax goes for you.

Libby x

Laurie - yes its the pits when you cant even comfort eat to cheer oneself up.

Hey Libby - I have indeed still got my little gift pack from hotel chocolat to enjoy when im back to full taste (and a choc orange from christmas) I also still have two beautiful bottles of rose in my fridge from christmas that i havent opened as i darent risk it tasting like crap so perhaps they will be my celebratory drinks for long after this TAXing nightmare! Cant Wait!

Libralady - "Need positive posts about TAX’ thread has been quite helpful to me too, definately worth reading through. Fingers crossed you wont have too much bother from TAX, some people are lucky x

My taste buds took quite a while to fully return to normal (I had AC-T). I think the worst thing for me was that I couldn’t stand the taste of two of my favourite things - chocolate and coffee! :slight_smile:

They do normally come back but my onc said that like a lot of other SEs it differed from person to person as to how long it would actually take. I think mine were finally back to normal about 6-8 weeks after last chemo and I celebrated with some Hotel Chocolate which I’d been saving - it was heaven! :slight_smile:

Give it a bit longer Claire, I’m sure they will start returning to normal soon!

Nymeria xx

My eyebrows are thinning I reckon they are gonna give up on TAX, lets hope my hair stays put, I hate the “whispy” phase of re-growth, I also agree I look better bald or with hair, the in-between bit really doesnt do it for me!

Libsue my TAX starts 1st Feb…dreading it, I have 4 to endure. I will let you know.

Yes I will go read in full the TAX thread, think I need to really.

Wow my taste buds miraculously came back to me yesterday and we went to a chinese buffet where i munched my way through 5 plates of food and desert :o)

Yaaaaay! Isn’t it fab when that happens?