tattoo - do or don't?

I had lumpectomy & 7 nodes removed on right side 3 years ago - am right handed and am generally very careful about minimising the risks of lymphodema. My query is regards where does the ‘at risk’ area stop? I am planning a tattoo and was considering getting it on my right shoulder - any opinions as to whether this would be a safe or stupid decision?


if ur node removal was left side then u shouldnt have tattoo on left shoulder, but its no problem on right shoulder

it was my right side so I did think the right shoulder was possible not the best place … shame as it would balance out what I have on the left

No, no, no, don’t risk it for something as unnecessary as a tattoo! If it was a medical necessity then I’d consider it, but not otherwise.
Sarah x

looks like the new tattoo will be going on my left shoulder then - thought that would be the sensible option but thought I would check what others thought