tax credits and sick pay

hi i work 16hrs and get tax creds when im off my boss doesnt think i will get sick pay,because i dont pay nat ins her accountant told her this so i think it must be true anyone been in simillar curcamstances,operation is during annual leave anyway but would imagine may be off at some point,

That link should help you.

Good luck with your op.

Hi Weezer

I am a single parent and recieve working tax credits, although I do work 36hrs per week. My bcn made me an appointment to see a social worker that told me what I will be intitled to. It might be an idea to ask your bcn if they have something similar in place.

I was told I would still get working tax credit for 28 weeks, after that I will need to claim for income support and incapacity benefit.
I really want to work through chemo when I can (still having a purpose) but because I work in nursing they may not allow me to work, I have to wait until I see the onc.

I think its terrible that we have to worry about finances on top of everything else, there should be something in place for people with cancer, afterall not one of us choose to have it!

Best of luck with your op

Catherine x

hi Catherine,
I know on top of everything else theres this to worry about I phoned the benefits helpline but still not sure as they said I could get some income support insted of sick pay,and im not sure if this is right or not,ive also been looking at to many sites online about bc and have got myself in a state ,im having wle with some nodes next week,then chemo as mine isnt receptive to hormones and then site said there was a greater chance of it coming back as i cant get tamoxafen,also was surprised mine is grade 3 as its tiny and 3 seems quite serious and scared to ask bc nurse as i always end up crying im busy telling everyone im going to be strong as its the done thing lol, but im really scared,that feels better already getting that off my chest lol.x

Hi Catherine and Louise
I too am a single parent and receive tax credits although that finishes in August as sons are off to Uni & Army. I am getting SSP which at £75 per week am worried how will manage.Went to benefits office and was told only thing can claim is disability living allowance but when I looked at form I dont think I am because it asksif you can do thingsfor yourself or not, like washing hair, cooking for yourself etc well apart from very slight numbness in arm I have full movement in arms (thankfully!) so I cant claim that either. Its frustrating especially has always worked and am clueless when comes to benefits other than working tax!!

Louise I too had WLE and SNB in June, nodes were clear but it is grade 3 invasive lymphovascular I still havent been told about hormone testing. I was shocked mine was grade 3 as I had mammogram 10 month ago and was cleared.
Just keep talking to bcn and on here it really will help you through, also let your family and friends know how you feel they will there for you.
Good luck to you both
Helen xx

Hi weezer

Hope this helps

I work 16 hrs over 2 days per week i earn £5.52ph And i get SSP of £75pw when iam on sick I also get my working tax ccredits and child tax credits for six months.


Hi Louise

I’m sorry your having such a worrying time. Please speak with your bcn for guidence re finances as in my experience the benefits helpline are at best not the greatest source of advice let alone at times like this. Be very careful when looking at sites of information about bc you can and will scare yourself silly. I’m not sure what site you have being reading from (I don’t claim to be an expert) but tamoxifen is given to prevent hormone production with people who have a hormone receptive tumour to help prevent any recurrance. Therefore taking tamoxifen when your tumour is not hormone receptive would make no difference. I hope that makes sence!
The chemo you have will as they say ‘mop everything up’ followed by rads.

You should utilize the service with your bcn they are great support and I’m sure any question you have, they have already being asked. Don’t be affraid to show your emoitions, this is a very trying and scary time for you, your emoitons will be all over the place, mine sure are! Ask all the questions you need and if your bcn can’t answer them they will find someone that can. Some people don’t want to know everything, some do. I wanted to know every last detail to help me prepare but I have always being that way.

I had a WLE on the 15th July with node sampling and will be having chemo, rads and tamoxifen. Tamoxifen only because my tumour is hormone receptive, it means early menopause (I’m 35) but I am lucky to already have a child. I tried to be strong but it caught up with me when I went in for surgery and I cried buckets. I now tell myself as do other ladies on here…crying is a normal and natural reaction to what your going through.

You will find wonderful support from the ladies here (I know I have) everyone is happy to answer your questions or be an ear if you need to cry, shout, rant or have the occasional joke or 2.

All the best with sorting your finances out, and good luck with your op next week.
Keep us posted as to how you get on

Catherine x

Hi Louise,

If you give the helpline a call, (the calls are free) the staff here will be able to give you some help and advice regarding what and where you can claim help. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 lines open at 9am today until 5pm (Mon to Fri) and 9am - 2pm Saturdays. Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Macmillan are very helpful with finances, benefit, etc too and it is for anyone who has cancer, not just the most serious cases. They will also grant money to people struggling and you either phone for their helpful booklets or go through the BCN. Our unit has all their leaflets in it for patients.

Hi all

Cancer backup has some useful info on this at



i am married but i work full time and earn more than my husband bu am only entitled to stat sick pay and worried aboutthe mortgage and bills the sameas you all. i too keep telling ppl i am strong but am always crying and am not a very nice person at the moment … i have my op on the 12 aug!! that is when my tear ducts will be put to the test the most


April I called my Morgage company who were fantastic no quibbles they agreed to drop my morgage to interest only which saves me a great deal and i’ve to call them in 3 months to let them know if i’m back at work or to continue on this so give them a call it will surprise you,