tax + sore toes - does this happen before the nails come off?

It is two weeks after my third tax and the tips off my toes are very painful. when i wear shoes my toes feel like they are being crushed- like the shoes are too short and narrow. I went shopping and the toes got so sore i couldnt walk properly. do they just go like this before the nails come off?

Hi. I think you have what’s called peripheral neuropathy, which is numbness of the extremities (fingers, toes) due to nerve damage caused by Tax. It’s painful despite being numb. This is one of Tax’s possible side effects, and my oncologist suggested I use Vitamin B complex to help with it. In my case, it did wear off about 6 months after chemo ended. I dont think it is necessarily associated with loss of toe/finger nails, altho my big toe nail became detached about 6 months after treatment.
Take care, keep strong,

Leigh xx

Me too - kind of? I finished chemo end of Sept -Oct 2012 (ish).
My finger tips and toe tips are feeling pretty wierd - I could use the word ‘painful’ or ‘numb’ or ‘pins & needles’ etc.
Yes the Taxotere is very guilty, but hopefully it will pass given time. I would much rather have to get used to this than not having the assurance of having gone through the chemo…

thanks for replies. I had heard about the numbness, but they dont really feel numb. kind of burn-y tingly, and like i have been wearing shoes two sizes too small. i did have pins and needles and numbness after the first tax, and shooting electric pains on the top of my feet (and similar all up my legs), but this is gone now. has anyone else had non-numb peripheral neuropathy?

might be worth trying vit b in any case. 6 months is a long time Leigh - for the numbness/pain, and for nails to fall off. thought things settled down sooner than that.

you’re right merc that all this is worth it. i am just being a bit neurotic about things … panicking about not being able to walk properly. my legs are also pretty useless at the moment, but i’m used to this.

Hello Sika,
I have had the same experience with taxotere (non-numb peripheral neuropathy) and still do after finishing the last one on 12/09/12. It was very frightening not being able to walk properly and the BCN being mytified as to the cause (she was a bit useless) I now have it confirmed by the Oncologist that this is also definitely caused by Taxotere/Taxanes.
I was eventually prescribed 15mg dihydrocodiene and vitamin b6 which have definitely helped. I will say I kept walking and using the stairs no matter how slow I went and no matter if I couldn’t go far. It helps to push those aching muscle’s a bit.
There was a time around 11 weeks ago when I was going down the stairs on my bottom to get to my kitchen and I couldn’t stand up long enough to wash my dishes. I am now walking around the shopping centre each week getting Xmas organised, so don’t worry it’s only for a time.
4 toenails have come off in the last 2 weeks the big ones and the small one’s but they do grow back- it takes a while for chemo to go in and it will take a while for it to come back out, we don’t really undersstand how strong it is until it hit’s with those dreaded SE’s but we don’t did’nt really have much option.
You take care

Hello Sika…I had sore toes after Tax…I lost my little toe nails first then after 2nd Tax…lost my big toe nails…I am nearly 7 months post chemo and my feet are still a bit sensitive…my nails are growing back though…after 1st Tax a lot of skin came off my feet…kind of ended up with all hard skin blistering up…and coming off…ended up with v. soft skin on soles of my feet…walking up and down stairs was difficult but it did get better…my feet are OK to look at now as they weren’t too attractive over the summer…had to keep my socks on…couldn’t paint my toe nails obviously…walking now is a lot easier so take heart…it does get better…hope this helps…Apple