Taxol - Allergic reaction?

Hi Girls

My cousin has had 3 x FEC and she had her first Taxol ( 1 of 3) yesterday. She was told that if she didnt want to take the large amount of steroids prior to her Taxol chemo it was ok as she would have it via a drip just before. Anyway she had her chemo and half way through started to have an allergic reaction, it was really frightening for her as she couldnt breathe. Has anyone else experienced this? & if so did having the steroids via tablet for the day before help any?

Finally, are there any more side effects of Taxol that you could warn us about?

Many thanks


I’m not able to help fully as I start my first set of three TAX in 3 weeks time but when I was at hospital yesterday for FEC they gave me steroids to take home and she stressed highly the importance of taking the steroids the day before, on the day of treatment and the day after as it has dramatically helped people reduce the chances of an allergic reaction. Based on that I’m definitely taking them as instructed.

As far as side effects go, she said there isn’t so much of the nausea but more joint pain and possible problems with finger and toe nails lifting but like everything else it doesn’t affect everyone.

I’m sure other people will chip in and offer support and advice.

Love Krissy x

Hi Lancslass

I too had an allergic reaction, but mine was with taxotere I couldn’t breathe apparantly went purple and ended up on oxygen. I also experienced pain along my kidneys,they increase my steroids and I went back after a couple of days for another go, but still had another reaction although not as bad as the first,

I then went back a week later and I had Taxol, I was fine on this and finished my last one three weeks ago. It is very frightening and I remember waiting those first 15mins for another reaction, but they do get it right and everything will be fine, with taxol they give you the steroid on the day of treatment just prior to the chemo, with taxotere you take them at home a couple of days before, Taxol side effects for me where numbness and tingling in the finger and toes (wear dark nail varnish), this lasted a few days in the cycle, constipation (marvelous Movical) and fatigue, hope all goes well for youe cousin

best wishes ann x

I have had one doxetaxol so far, after 3 FEC, and was told that the steroids taken the day before were absolutely essential. I am a bit surprised that anyone was told otherwise.

I went into anaphylactic shock during first dose of Taxotere - I’d had all the oral steroids but it made no difference. They said for the subsequent doses they would up the steroid amount and also give me a large dose of anti-histamine beforehand. I quit chemo after that lovely experience so I don’t know if it would have worked or not.
My sympathies to your cousin - it is a vile experience. And the idiot chemo nurse had pulled the curtain around me so I wasn’t being monitored. Had my mother not been on hand to alert someone I don’t know what would have happened.

Thank you all for your replies they have been really helpful. She had actually Taxotere and not Taxol as I had stated. I have spoken to her tonight and she is feeling ok at the moment, she says that she feels a little better than on the FEC because she is not feeling as sick.

When I was on 4 x Epi and 4 x CMF I was floored on the first few days, but today she actually went for a short jog!!!

Once again a very big thank you for your help and next time she will be taking the 8 steroids the day before!!!