taxol...does it get easier?

I have just started taxol…had 3 weeks, and now on week off. I was put on it because taxotere seemed not to be working…and I’m on it because my lung metsw have got really bad and I was struggling to breathe/walk…and my lung metsw were sore. Since I’ve started it I’ve been in hospital for 2.5 weeks, really really sick, on morphine, my bloods have been so low I’ve needed platetlet and blood transfusions, and I went neutropenic…now I am just out of hospital and very weak, wobbly on my feet, and just wondering if this taxol will get easier? I’ve been having some really low days where I’ve been wondering if I can handle thisw chemo, especially as it’s weekly, and my body is so weak…and I think it would help if I knew that it will get easier. It frightened me how quickly I have deteriorated. I am also hoping to start gemcitabine, but the hospital are waiting for my platelets to come up before they let me have that too. I just want to get my fitnessw and my body back. I’m finding this time very tough, being so weak and feeling so ill all the time.

Hi Jo,

I am sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I have to say that I found weekly taxol quite hard going and did suffer from low bloods such that they postponed chemo a few times. I also picked up a usually lethal infection because of this which luckily I got over (so rare they wrote a medical paper on me). Would your hospital consider giving you Neupogen to boost your blood counts? Do ask them about it. It is not given as a matter of course due to costs but if you are so weak, it may help you recover quicker. It is an injection to boost your blood levels. I have heard from another lady, of an iron supplement called Spatone (google it) which can give a boost to your iron levels, it may be worth giving it a go.

Really hope you pick up soon.


Hi there

Haven’t got mush practical advice other than to backup what Jenny ahs said. Are you having G-CSF injections. I had to push to get neulasta.

I had a rought time on xeolda last week and know that awful desparing feeling when the body feels awful…and that maximises the fear. I am feeling better this week and just hope you can get some good days soon to balance the horrors.

Thinking of you.


Hi Jane and Jenny,
thanks for your replies…I will ask about the GCSF injections…when i was in hospital they were giving them to me, but now I’m out I’m not having them. Yesterday I had 3 units of blood so I am feeling better today from that…andf this is my week off from the chemo, so I am beginning to feel a little stronger. I will ask the docs next week about the injections and try and push for them. I am still very shaky on my feet from being in hospital so long, but I do feel a little bit stronger…so the fear has gone down a bit. I’ve been living with cancer for over 5 years now, and this is the first time I actually look ill, I’ve lost all my hair, loads of weight, and can’t walk much. I think that’s what’s really freaked me out…but fingers crossed this chemo works…
thanks again for replying to my mail,