Taxol working its magic!

Got the results of my latest CT scan today and it’s good news: after 3 cycles, the soft tissue masses behind the sternum have almost completely disappeared, just 1 cm left of one of them, the sternum itself is stable, nothing new has cropped up in the lymph nodes and my organs are still clear. Phew! In fact, the wording of the report read “excellent response”. I’ll drink to that!

So another 3 cycles to go starting tomorrow - seems so much easier to carry on once you know it’s actually doing something, though. Just hope it continues to work that Taxol magic!

I hope that all those waiting for results will soon be sharing equally good news.

Angelfalls xx

Hi, couldn’t just read and run. Great news, let’s hope more ladies get that kind of news xx

Brilliant news Angelfalls and long may it continue to provide excellent results!

Thats brilliant news.

I have just had number 7 of paclitaxol, 3 weeks on and 1 week off so just started my third cycle. As yet I dont know how many I am having.** **I was diagnosed in March with spine mets and had radiotherapy on T5 to T8. Also lung mets to right lung.** **Last time I saw Onc, he said he would do a scan after my 3rd cycle then changed his mind and said he would use Tumour Markers. After reading different comments about Tumour markers I would much prefer a scan, so it can be compared to scan before treatment started. Has anyone any info on which is preferable.** **The Onc also said He will try Tamoxifen after chemo (I was on Arimadex for over 2 years which obviously didnt work), I always thought this was for pre menapausal and I am well past post menapausal, but he said this didn`t matter.
Would appreciate any comments to help me make my mind up what to say to Onc when I see him on Friday 22nd June.

Thank you!

Pam - the use of tumour markers seems to be down to an onc’s personal preference. At my centre, they don’t use them at all and prefer to scan so that they can actually see what’s going on and change treatments quickly if they aren’t working. But I’m sure there’ll be others along whose centres rely on markers…

Tamoxifen was gold standard for years for both pre- and post-menopausal women, until the AIs came along. But there are also other AIs that you could switch to (Femara, Aromasin, etc.).

Good luck with your onc appt. and with your treatment.

Sending hugs xx

hi anglefalls,
yes taxol is magic, i am on my 17th weekly taxol next week with no side afects or anything i had ct scan in april with excellelant responce now due one the end july, hoping for same result with my lung mets. hooray for both of us.
hugs x

Hi Angelfalls,

Just seen your post and can’t tell you how pleased I am for you. what brilliant new and long may it last for you. You certainly deserve it!

I’ve got my last scan results on Thursday and the Xeloda is keeping everything stable so I to remain on it until it stops working or I get fed up with it!

Once again I really am so pleased for you.

Love and a great big hug for you my love.
Chris xxxx

Brilliant, encouraging news. Actually I met someone else this week who is on their third lot of Taxol, and they are also doing incredibly well, so there is good news.
Pam, I agree with you that a scan would be a better indicator, because tumour markers are not always reliable. For example, my Tumour markers are only 20 (which is incredibly low), yet I have a number of bone mets and a lung met. With regard to Tamoxifen being suitable for post menopausal women. My understanding is that Tamoxifen is suitable for pre, and post-menopausal women because it works by preventing the uptake of oestogen. The reason that doctors give pre-menopausal women Tamoxifen rather than Aromotase Inhibitors, is because most of the oestrogen in pre-menopausal women is made in the ovaries, so an Aromatase Inhibitor wouldn’t be appropriate (because AI’s work by suppressing the production of aromotase, which in turn prevents the body converting androgens to oestrogen). Basically what I’m saying is that post-menopausal women can have either Tamoxifen to prevent the uptake of oestrogen, or AI’s to inhibit the production of Aromatase, whereas, pre-menopausal women can have Tamoxifen, but not AI’s.

Thanks for all your replies, what would we all do without this site.
My mind is made up and Im going to stick out for a scan. Lemongrove your info on Tamoxifen is really helpful. Angelfalls again so pleased for you, I just hope when I finally have a scan it is good news. The first few weeks on Paclitaxol I had loads of SEs and infections but fingers crossed feel more back to normal now and quite healthy, I also have quite a lot of hair left although no style and not in good condition.
Hoping everyone waiting for scan results gets good news.

Angelfalls that is great news and uplifting to us all so thanks for sharing, long may it continue!
Pam170, LG is spot on about Tamoxifen and AIs. I also agree that though TMs have a place they are not as reliable on their own as a scan so yes I’d stick out for a scan too. Good luck
Julie x

Thanks everyone! xx