Anyone having or had chemo that was Taxol. I was told it would have less nasty side effects than the AC (Epirubicin and something else) I am having first. I am looking to find out side effects and when they start and how bad they get. If anyone could comment it would be good.


I gather this will be Taxotere/docataxol…there appears to be a number of names for it. I have just had my fourth and final dose having had Epirubicin before that. I have been on a thread entitled “anyone starting on Taxotere soon” which has seen quite a few of us going through this at the same time.

It shows the SE’s that we have had which seem to be quite generic but it must go with the usual health warning tnat we are all different and they can vary . Tax can look pretty scary but it is do-able and best advice is take one step at a time.

There will be other threads on here as well re Tax so hopefully you should be able to pull quite a bit of info off.

hope that helps.



Welcome to the BCC forums, you may find some of our publications helpful to read including some information on the treatments you are undergoing, you can order or read some of these via the following links on our order page:

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Hello Tek
i know we are all react differently to treatments but my experience of tax was not too bad but it was worse than the triple epirubicin etc.
I found that about four days after dose i became very tired and achey all of my joints ached and i also had aches in strange places[soles of feet, shins, achilles tendons].I just tried not to plan anything around this time. After first session i was so sure i would be ok i went for a weekend break with hubby which was ruined as i could not walk far and I was achey and miserable. After that just stayed at home symptoms fine after two or three days. Don’t be too afraid this was do-able hope yours is too.
take care kitty x

I had 4xfec,4xtaxol.I found it alright.I just got increasingly tired on it but still managed to carry on more or less as normal.I drove a lot and did get some bad pains in my hands while driveing, but all in all it wasn’t half as bad as I’d imagined it to be.I never felt sick or didn’t have the mouth ulcer problems that came with the fec. My nails weren’t affected - but I did lose every hair on my body even though I wore the cold cap.Infact loseing my hair was definately the worst part of it!
Josie x

To all who responded thanks very much, everyone seems to say it is different for everyone just wanted an idea what I might expect, so thanks again.

Seems we are closest in terms of treatment I have 4X each as well. Due second cycle of FEC Friday and have lost most of my hair already, it is miserable and really uncomfortable but guess we have to go through it. Did the effects of the FEC’s get worse or same each time?

All the best


Here’s the link to our publication about hair loss which you may find useful to read:

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Hi Tek!
No if anything the FEC got easier as it went on - I don’t want to sound blase but I found it a breeze really! The only bad day I had was the night of the first one when I felt as if I had the mother of all hangovers and could hardly make it to the bathroom - was I surprised next morning when I woke up feeling not too bad at all! I got the usual mouth ulcers and tinny taste in my mouth but the hospital gave me a great mouthwash which worked wonders.The Tax got more and more tireing though- a 5th one would’ve probably floored me!..and loseing my beautiful waist length hair would have broken my heart in any other situation but it was all or nothing …and well worth it…Good luck.
Josie xx