Taxotere aches and pains

Hi - the effects of taxotere are definitely cumulative (for me anyway). I have dose 5/6 on Tuesday and today I ache (all over) with some real pains in my bones which may be from neulasta. Can I ask what painkillers are recommended for taking the edge of this? My jaw is really painful!


Hi Geraldine

I would suggest that you need to speak to one of your medical team (chemo unit) for advice about pain relief, they won’t mind you calling for this sort of advice at any time.
Here’s the link to our factsheet on Taxotere which you may find useful:

Best wishes

I suffered quite a lot of aching joints, legs, and back and my teeth especially hurt.

I’ve only had one Taxo so far, but would be keen to know the best type of pain relief as I found paracetamol and ibuprofen didn’t really help that much.

Fortunately, after the 10th day it seemed to get better.

Hi All

Just looked in the cupboard…I took co cadamol 30/500 tablets, codeine plus paracetomol, Have found them very effective during taxotere and for occasional flare ups for bone pain after. They dont make me sleepy. the GP was happy to prescribe this.


I was told to take co-codamol and Voltarol together.The pain was so bad the GP came out to the house and brought some.The jaw thing is definitely neulasta.The only time I didnt get the pain was the last one-and that time I ended up in hospital with neutropenia.Think the pain means it is working[neulasta I mean].

I only had 3 Tax with Neulasta for 2 sessions. I must have been lucky with the pain because I didn’t bother much with painkillers - a paracetamol at bed time, but that was more mental than physical. Not much mobility because of fatigue, & a spot of depression, however. When I complained of achey legs my Finnish onc nurse just smiled and said I wasn’t drinking enough. I turned myself into a garden hose and it seemed to help. Day 2 of FEC & no nausea either - so keeping my fingers crossed.

sorry Gerry - sounds nasty

I’m still at TAX 2 - tingling but not actually painful - tingly lips, teeth, fingers, feet … perhaps i shouldn;t be so keen to have TAX 3 and 4!

due to back problems my doctor has given me
* paracetamol - 1g - 1 every 8 hours
* ibuprofen - every 12 hours - have avoided this as feel I am being drowned in drugs

nver took any prior to chemo!

hope you find something that works for you
love FB xxx

not true - used to take the occaisonal voltarol - but that was it!

Hi All

I had first TAX on 17th (Tues) and by the Fri night I had pains mostly in my toes, legs and fingers. I had already been prescribed some Tramadol (contains morphine) and took one before bed. I wasn’t well on Sat morning and wondered if maybe the Tramadol had been too strong for me as I nearly fainted. Next time I am going to take paracetamol and see how I get on.
My lips did tingle for a day or two and my index fingers and my thumbs certainly felt like I had ‘knocked’ my nails up for a few day.
All side effects vanished on day 7 (worrying as this is the day that my defences were flat) but I feel fine (day 12 now) and liken TAX not much worse than FEC.

Only 2 more doses to go and I can feel myself getting excited! 20 rounds of radio then I’m all done…atlast I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

12 weeks today I will be in Ibiza lounging on the beach…roll on!!!

Take care all

Agree Gerry-I’m finding it cumulative too. I’m due my 5th cycle taxotere/herceptin on Thursday, so don’t quite know what to expect as each cycle has given slightly different problems. I’m reluctant to take tramadol as I have bowel problems too, so have been managing not too badly on codeine-it’s certinly been more effective for me than paracetamol/ibuprofen combination, which I had been using beforehand.

Thanks for the hints and tips - the pain in my jaw has eased (took paracetamol and ibuprofen - that was in the cupboard!) Still having some joint pain and weird cramp in my right leg! Oh and the constipation has started what fun…

Yeah Gerry - codeine has that effect - constipating./

Had my first tax on Thursday past, and feel really flu like today, apart from the temp! I have tramadol which has really helped oh, and the tax brought on a period. Thank you. Don’t we have enough to put up with just now?! lol

Oh well, at least I can say I only hae another 3 to go now, more than half way there. And mum took the kids for the weekend, so I’m getting some peace too - not all bad at all!

All the best to everyone, stay well

Hi everyone

I too had Taxotere and had Neulasta for all of the 4 doses. I avoided pain killers except for the first lot of Neulasta. I found that the achiness got less as the doses progressed and also that the achiness travelled down the body with each consequentive doses. But I think Taxotere is pretty powerful stuff and really worked in reducing the size of my tumours, so I just wanted to say - hang in there it is worth it!

all the best Pauline

Hi Westside Sue

Just wanted to pickup on the tax giving you a period…it has done the same to me and I never gave chemo a thought! Had a period on the 8th and started again on the 26th (tax was the 17th)…just thought it was the menopause starting!

Thanks for clarifying it


I did take Co-codamol (500/30) and Ibuprofen together, mostly at night because the achiness and pains seemed to feel worse. I didn’t find the drugs very helpful, but eventually after a 7 or 8 days after chemo the pains seemed to wear off.

I also suffered diarreah, and wish the codeine had constipated me. Also got the strange mouth (felt like sandpaper) for a week and tingly lips so I am glad that others mentioned they had suffered those too, at least I know its normal. Nails also still feel odd (16 days after chemo).

Good luck to all those ladies having chemo this week.