TAXOTERE allergic rash ?????

Hi everyone,
I had my second tax 13 days ago and ive developed a really bad rash on my face,its all around my eyes theyre water and my face looks covered in prickly heat,does this ring any bells with anyone ?? ive washed in aqueous and im putting it on afterwards but its realy not going and my eyes are very red.What do you think ???

Unfortunately skin reactions and watery eyes are common with taxotere. I had both. The watery eyes quickly clear once you stop. So does the skin. Speak to your Onc. I had problems with the skin on my arms which was easy to cover up but very painful.

Thinking of you.

Sharon, as Starfish says, let your bcn/onc or chemo unit know about the reaction. I suffered very sore, watery eyes on TAX but as soon as I finished, it got better. Also, eyelashes returning helped a lot. Didn’t have a rash but sounds like you’re doing the right thing with the aqueous cream. You might need some piriton but check with someone before you take anything. All the best, Pat x

Hello. I had the prickly heat type of rash - awful. Piriton helped relieve it to a certain extent but the rash seemed to take its time and eventually went after about 14 days.

I do hope you feel better soon.
Anthi x

Thanks ladies,did yours feel like pins and needles ??
Ive rang a and e, they said to take anti histimine which ive taken one dose of so far and its not doing any good.
Scarey times :frowning:
Thanks for your help