Taxotere and nails lifting

Can anyone give me any advice on what to do do about my nails. I have had 6 Taxotere and now my nails are lifting up. Its like they are coming off completely.

they are so sore its really difficult to do anything.

Any advice would be appreciated

Sadly its probably too late to do anything now.They will probably come off but when they do the new nail will have begun to grow underneath and will soon catch up.I kept my nails painted with dark polish from before 1st tax and lost only my big toe nail although several other nails thickened and all became ridged.They went back to normal quickly once chemo was finished.
Sorry not to be able to help.
Love valxx

Hi Caroline, I know just what you are going through. I lost all my fingernails and all my toenails while on taxotere, even though I kept them painted a dark colour.

They went a sort of whitish yellow colour and then just peeled off. The smell was horrible - as if the nail bed was infected. And they were sore for a few weeks after they came off. They also looked terrible!

Eventually the raw bit that had been the nail bed did harden up and I was even able to paint the nailbed to make it look as if there was a nail there. And new nails did start to appear quite soon.

However, it has been a long haul to get my nails looking anything like normal and there are still a couple that have some catching up to do. Now, almost a year after I finished taxotere, my nails just look like they belong to a compulsive nail biter. The nail bed underneath is also rather thick but I think they are slowly coming back to normal.

My toenails seemed to grow much quicker - they are completely back to normal now.

The worst thing about the nails falling off were the unexpected things - not being able to root around in my handbag for anything for example.

It’s quite rare to lose all the nails, though, and I know some people have taped them up when they start falling off. You might want to check with your bcn about anything you might do to avoid infections underneath the nails. I have heard of people bathing their fingers in all sorts of horrible substances to kill off anything that may be lurking there, including a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Not sure this is a good idea, having seen what it can do to a pair of jeans!


All of my fingernails came off leaving a sort of thin half nail beneath. At the time it was horrid, sore and shocking that this was happening but although my nails look like i bite them they are much more comfortable and are begining to grow back. I finished taxotere on Jan 20. My left big toe nail has departed 2 weeks ago and the rest of my toe nails are looking a bit iffy. Try not to worry, care for them the best you can, I rubbed them with cuticle cream which helped the dryness. They do improve in time.


There is another thread 'any advice for my poor nails’which has some good advice re supplements and treatment for chemo affected nails.