Taxotere and Stiff Legs

I had my last taxotere 5 weeks ago and for the last couple of weeks have had really stiff thighs. It’s worse when I first get up from sitting down and is better when I start walking around.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi Jenny

I have exactly the same as you. In fact I was really aching for quite a while after my final lot of chemo but the aching has more or less subsided but I generally feel stiff and sore and it’s worse first thing in the morning or when I get up from sitting down just like you. I think this is quite common with taxotere but unless you know somebody else who is also suffering it can make you quite nervous - hope this has reassured you.


Hello Jenny and Ruby,

It’s now a little over 8 weeks since my last Taxotere, and my legs are much better at last! I could barely get up the stairs for weeks and walking any distance was painful, so yes, I think this is quite a common problem following Tax. Still got the numb toes and my nails look awful…BUT, I have a reasonable amount of hair on my head now, and yesterday I noticed that my eyebrows are coming back!!! Hurrah!


Hi everybody

My last tax was late Sept. and I’ve had the achey legs, especially in the morning and when sitting for too long. It is getting better, and thankfully the energy levels are returning so don’t need to sit down quite so often.

Anne x

I agree with Anne
My last taxotere was mid September but I still have achy legs in the morning and after sitting for a while. Its not as bad as before though and I have lots of energy
Got a wonderful head of hair so much that I had to go have a hair cut last week. Not enamored of getting hair back anywhere else though!! (I didnt loose eyebrows or eyelashed)
xx Julie

Hi Namibia,
I also had stiff, achy thighs after Taxotere. I had my last treatment on 12th October and it took until the end of November for them to ease up. Before that I could barely manage one flight of stairs and a walk to the corner shops was a major undertaking. The good news is that I now feel totally normal and my energy levels are back - I did a 3 mile walk just after Christmas and felt fine. Hang in there and it *will* get better for you. :slight_smile:


I had my last Tax in August and I still feel a bit achey but I’m also taking Arimidex which is also supposed to make you ache - so I don’t know what is causing what!