Hi I have had one Herceptin/Taxotere treatment and already my hair is starting to come out. How long can I expect it to all go, or is it a slow process - generally speaking. I’m just wondering when to get my hairdresser on standby. I didn’t expect it to start so soon.

Can anyone also recommend what to wear for bed.

Love to all, Jen x

Hi Jen

I started on FEC and mine went between the first and second cycles. So did everyone else’s I met there who came after me. So get yourself on standby. I had a great sleep cap from an American website which you may have seen mentioned on here, which kept my head warm and didn’t come off during the night either.

Good luck and stay strong!



Hi Jen
I have about 1inch of hair and had tax on Friday didnt shower yesterday as could not stay awake! Just had a shower and looks like a hedgehog was in there with me! Little spikes all over the floor. If your hair is long get the hairdresser to cut it short I found it less messy, go to the pound shop and buy some of those toweling head wraps I sleep in these as I cant stand the cold. Ian calls me Osama as when it unfolds it bears a striking resemblance to the hoods that are used before you get beheaded!
Good luck oh I think the headgear site is called buffs.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Jen

I too, like Dilys started to lose my hair after my first FEC. I got a sleep hat from an american website too, headcovers i think it was called and it stayed on all evening watching telly and in bed, so my head stayed warm, and got myself armed with a wig straight away too.
Good luck with your treatment and hope it goes ok.


Thanks for your comments ladies, sorry but in a bit of a dark hole so not coming line as often.

Love Jen x

It fell out much quicker that I expected, and that was with trying the cold cap so be prepared.