How many sessions do you usually have of this treatment. I am having watered down sessions, so 3 is equal to 1 for me, but I have no idea how many I am likely to get? Also if you have herceptin, how long does this take to administer and is this done via a drip too?


Hi Ginny, I start taxotere and herceptin on Tuesday. I’m having 3 taxotere (I have just finished 3 FEC). Herceptin is via IV drip I think, definitely IV. They will keep you in for about 6 hours after the first herceptin to make sure that you have no side effects - that’s what I’ve been told. After that it is all quite quick, my onc said an hour. Good luck, hope this helps. Best wishes Alice

Hi Ginny

I think it varies. I had 4 FEC, then surgery and I’m about to start 4 taxotere. The difference may be that I had a break between or the lymph node involvement - who knows?!

Elinda x

Hi Ginny

I had 6 x taxotere last autumn/winter. I was also having herceptin and this took about an hour and a half to go in, although I am now having it over an hour.

Alison x

Thanks for replies. It does seem to vary a bit. Imagine I will get equal to about 6 (or 18 in my case, phew!) as I have not had other chemo first (well not for 6 years anyway). Had to miss last weeks as was put into hospital with an infection, but am catching up next week on what should have been my once every 4 week break.