i have been given my start date for chemo and herceptin 23rd of november. I am really nervous and would love any advice on this particular treatment and if anyone had any success with the cold cap with this treatment

Hi newstart
I had my last of 8 chemotherapy sessions on 23rd November 2011 - exactly 12 months to the day from when you start yours. How many are you having and what kind? I had 4 x EC and 4 x TAX. I did try the cold cap but didn’t have a great result but I think that was down to the inexperienced nurse that dealt with me on my first day. It is soooo important that your hair is very wet with hair conditioner and the cap cooled to the correct temperature! So, I lost my hair, but it all came back and I saved a fortune in shampoo and hairdresser bills - and my wig was lovely!
You’ll be fine - get a good thermometer - checking your temperature will become a daily ritual - and it is important. And buy lots of those little bottles of antibacterial handgel.
Remember that this will pass.

Hi Supertrouper,

i having 6 doses of taxotere,carboplatin and herceptin all in one. there doesn’t seem to be many on here that take this concotion
thank you for your tips, i am willing to try everything to make this journey as easy as possible

Im assuming TCH is Taxotere cyclophosphomide Herceptin? I had the TC part but not herceptin. I can echo everything Supertrouper said, except not such great results with hair coming back… bur I know people who kept most of their hair with the cold cap, and those that didnt use it or gave up using it all (except me) have their hair back really quickly.
All the other side effects are do-able, I generally felt a lot better than I had expected to. Just remember to do what your body tells you… if you are tired, have a nap, if you are hungry eat :slight_smile:
wishing you all the best through your treatment xxx

Hello, Welcome to the TC club!! Tax/carboplatin/herceptin: that’s what I had–finished in March (herceptin till xmas) and am still here (every month is a blessing now!) to tell the tale. It is doable.
Ditto on the thermometer, I needed mine. If you feel at all nauseated (I only did days two-four) ask for emend–it was brilliant!!!I wrote down my se’s so I could tell the onc before treatment, they always had something for me, and I still have a medicine chest full of pills I didn’t take.
My bcn was dismissive of the coldcap, and I was in the sort of mental place that I couldn’t be bothered, so I didn’t do it, but last week I had my 10th herceptin with a woman who had a FULL HEAD OF HAIR because she survived the cold cap. If you do it you just have to be willing to suffer for the time it’s on. She told me if you can get through the first fifteen minutes, it becomes easier. Otherwise, I learned to love “Audrey” who was my very chic wig, and when not at work I lived in “buffs” easy-peasy scarf-things.
I managed to work (but I’m a book cataloguing librarian, so lots of sitting) two weeks out of three, but by the end I have ZERO energy. Don’t worry, it comes back. I still have a little neuropathy (tingling) in my feet, but most of the SEs weren’t that bad. I ended up in bed about ten days out of the three weeks, but mostly just with tiredness. It all seems to terrifying at first, but it’s really not as bad as you think it’ll be.
Ask if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them.

Hi Quail,

thank you so much for answering. I have the same problem with the cold cap my onc dosn’t rate them much but my BCN said it’s worth trying at least once. It’s not just the keeping of the hair it’s how the thing makes you feel i suppose. I mean loss of hair is only temporary and i’ve coped with the Mx which lets face it is permanent. How’s the herceptin going do you have any side effects.
I suppose i will feel better when i have had the first dose, it’s the fear of the unknown, when i have done one cycle i will know what to expect hopefully

I finished TCH six weeks ago and now just on herceptin. i posted a similar message to yours back in June and waited and waited for a reply…the TCH regime is quite new to the UK.
when i had treatment i felt fine for the first two days then i used to start getting achey and go off food for 3-4 days before starting to pick up. The most annoying side effect I had was constipation!! TCH is not as bad as some chemos in terms of sickness, but make sure you keep hydrated and take all anti sickness medication you are prescribed. Also get some prune juice in!! also paint your toe and fingernails as the taxotere can damage your nails as I am just discovering.
With TCH you will need to take steroids the day before, day of and day after chemo. You will take one lot at breakfast time and the second lot at lunchtime…if you want to sleep at night try to take the second lot before 2pm.
As for a cold cap, I never considered it as it is quite painful and doesn’t work for all.
PM me if you want further info! Also I see you are a younger woman with breast cancer. There is a brilliant Facebook group set up by a regular on this site (Tors) called younger women’s breast cancer network UK its a brilliant group for women under 45 x

hi ;im starting my TCH tomorrow  and im a bit nervous . how bad was the side affects plz? im having 4 lots over 3 months