Teeth - silly question ?

I am probably getting paranoid whilst awaiting my delayed mx and recon but was wondering if anyone has had similar or if I am way off the mark. I don’t want to google as that can be very misleading. I have never had the best teeth but have had so many more problems in the last few months with crowns, root canals and a vital molar collapsing. I have also had incredible toothache since the beginning of the year.

My mx was due on the 14 th but as the toothache was so bad and I was told it was probably due to me needing a root canal, my surgeon discussed it with my dentist, this was also when a molar collapsed. They agreed that the root canal should be done and delay the mx as I was at risk from septicaemia given that I am having an implant.

Had that root canal and then not long after had more toothache. Told I needed another root canal so more discussions between surgeon and dentist, second root canal finalised Thursday and on strong course of antibiotics so op can go ahead on Monday.

The second one was a re-work of one done a few years ago and I was told that if this does not work, they may have to go into the bone to kill the infection.
I am hoping it is just bruising but still in a lot of pain and eating painkillers, and on 3rd day of antibiotics when they normally would kick in.

So, my mind is whirring and I am panicking I may have secondaries in bones although I have so far only been dx with DCIS and no node involvement from SLNB though they only took out 2 nodes.

Apologies for the rambling post but I am getting very worried the is something that is causing all these recent problems…

Any ideas or experiences most welcome

L x

Hello Lelly

You need to talk to your BS but I think this is probably coincidental. I had to have loads of root canal work, one infection after another and a tooth just falling apart, in 2010 a year before Dx with BC. It felt like my teeth were just turning into a disaster zone, though they’d never been good. But then I realised that loads of other women of about my age had similar problems. So in the end I just put it down to age and the rubbish dentistry I’d had as a child. I’m sure if this had happened after Dx I would have felt the same as you; it’s natural to try to tie everything into the same cause.

Teeth are not bones, but of course are held in place in bones of the jaw. But it sounds very unlikely that you would have bone mets in the jaw from your Dx. Why don’t you say to your BS and/or dentist that you are concerned that your dental problems have something to do your BC and see if they can put your mind at rest.

Good luck.

Many thanks filosofie, the logical part of me knows it is highly unlikely but when it all goes wrong at once it does make you wonder. Will talk to the professionals once I have got the surgery out the way.
I also had a bad dentist a few years ago, heard he has been struck off so could be that and age.
Thanks again
L x

No question too silly Lelly!

I read a theory about rotten roots especially upper first molars which cause irritation over a long timescale, being linked with BC it was to do with Zone Theory from which they link foot masssage on specific areas with solving particular body problems, not acupuncture the other one…(doh, brain failure strikes again) i think the idea is that something irritates the same zone via lymphatic system somehow… Don’t you just hate it when a word is totally gone? i’m sure y’all know what i’m talking about!

well yes, i had that tooth with a long problem on my BC side. Still got it :confused: it’s next on my dentist’s hit-list.

(On the other side it had been extracted about ten years ago after a failed prolonged root treatment and no further problem once that infection cleared, and yes it had gone on and on and was very dreadful at the time. I hadn’t discovered brufen then and i seriously nearly overdosed on paracetamol over about a week. Brufen is actually better because it reduces inflammation, and that swelling in the confined space inside a bone is what causes most of the excruciating pain)

But then, it’s the first adult tooth to come through (about 6 years old, behind the baby teeth before they start to drop out) and loads of kids that age don’t brush very well so it’s often a bad tooth, I think you could link anything that common to BC

Now to cheer you up, here is a *really* silly question about teeth: When do you get your third teeth?? This comes from my lovely daughter many years back, when she was learning the facts of life about baby teeth and second teeth. She knew little faces couldn’t fit big teeth, and that we sometimes get a second chance in life, so if we didn’t brush the first ones very well we can do better this time, and she knew her gran had plastic teeth now (as well as having bad bones, due to not drinking enough milk) and she had mis-heard the phrase “false teeth” - She didn’t know the word “false” at that age; children say pretend or make-believe or not-real or fake, but they don’t say false - so she wanted to know what comes in-between second teeth and fourth teeth.

Thanks Hymil, you have a lovely way with words and make me smile… I think you mean reflexology ?
Did this article suggest it was only linked if you had regular reflexology ??

Funnily enough, all my teeth issues are on my BC side, the first root canal related to my agony is one of the molars on the top… The latest is a front tooth which apparently also has a number of fine fractures so had to have an imprint made just in case it collapses… On top of everything else the cost for these treatments is horrific which adds to the stress when you are off work.

My surgeon was really concerned when I first developed this problem as he said that it could put me at risk of septicaemia as I am having an implant and that my body could reject it…
Does your tooth still give you problems ? Will you be able to get it sorted soon or do you have to finish treatments ? Agree that ibuprofen is the best, am taking full daily dose of the 400mg ones, helps for an hour or so and then starts up again, trying to tell myself it is just the soreness of the gum but can notice it more when I move which suggests infection. Hey hum, fingers crossed all will get sorted. I may feel very differently once I have had my op but at the moment feel that there is nothing worse than continuous toothache.

As for third, or even fourth, teeth… Mmmm… Can’t answer that one… Kids are funny with what they say :slight_smile:

Take care and look after yourself
L x

I don’t think it was linking reflexology (thankyou!) with BC, i think it was linking prolonged tooth infection with BC through shared bad “zone energy” that the breast and associated lymph is in the same zone as the first premolar tooth??

I wish i could remember where I read that. I don’t think i believe in zone energy, but i do think reflexology works, somehow.

As for the expenses of dental treatment, don’t start me off. I so wish the free prescriptions for cancer included free specs and dentistry - i got my front crowns done in the maternity leave deal, it was all free while pregnant and a year after giving birth, back in those days.

Septicaemia can be kill you a lot quicker than cancer, so be patient while the doctors sort your problems. It would be awful to go through a big op and then lose the implant. Also the roots of top teeth are very close on sinuses, and what you wrote about pain being linked to movement is very like my experience of sinusitis? If it is, the antibiotics should help a lot, and hot honey and lemon drinks will too, if it doesn’t help then maybe they need to change the antibiotic? Horrible illness!

Lastly, I only found recently that you can take brufen AND paracetamol both at max dose (so long as your liver is okay!) which means you can stagger them and have one or the other quite recently, a really useful tip to keep on top of the pain.
eg P: 06,12,18,24; B: 09,15,21,03.
Once you had your op, you will have stronger painkillers in your cupboard, i have some extra voltarol left over… i think it’s a stronger substitute in the brufen family, not as well. Apart from a few brief issues with the drain, my post op pain for Mx + nodes was a whole lot less bad than sinusitis.

Touch wood my teeth are stable at the moment, my lovely dentist has done his best for me and we agreeed if it flares again it’s coming out. No more root work for me, thanks.

Hope that helps you get some sleep. good luck!

Ah, that makes more sense about the zone theory, thank you.
Didn’t think about sinus and should as I have always suffered from ENT issues including bad sinusitis, had them drained once when I was 19, never again, couldn’t breathe properly for a week and it all came back after a few months…
Just got up again to take another ibuprofen, whole side of the mouth is hurting, soooo frustrated.
Sorry to see you aren’t sleeping either tonight, very best wishes xx


another one here with lots of teeth problems and I’ve posted on my frustrations before. I’ve had a lot of problems since childhood (poor dentistry, poor orthodontics and too many sweets). As an adult this has had a knock on effect. I’ve had lots of root fillings done and have two problem teeth right now.

One is a tooth that has been root filled 5 times and now I have to go to hospital for the tooth roots to be tackled via the gum. I did see a root filling specialist and he said that there is nothing sinister about all this, it’s just a bl**dy tooth and to remember that. He said that our teeth were only really made to be with us into our thirties and now we live longer some of us have problems.
If I lose this tooth it’s going to have to be an implant 'cos it’s near the front - there goes my savings.

I also had staining on my front tooth from the chemo. That has made me wonder whether chemo weakens the teeth in some ways as I seem to have had a lot of problems since chemo 2 years ago.

take care and I hope all gets resolved quickly for you.
Elinda x


I have been to the dentist 5 times in as many weeks but my most recent problem has been with my teeth on my left hand side of my mouth(same side as BC).I finished my treatment for BC 8 years ago and am now on Letrozole after 5 years of Tamoxifen

Firstly I have had 3 times in the last 6 months a combination of faceache, earache and toothache which goes away in about 5 days.

In December one tooth cracked so my Dentist removed a small part of the tooth and filled it, 2 days later the filling came out, I left it but then another piece of old filling came out so I went back and he put another filling in, this fell out on Christmas Day. As the surgery was closed between Christmas and New Year I couldn’t see anyone. On the Sunday of New Year my faceache, earache and toothache came back and I was in so much pain I had to sleep upright one night.

Anyway when I did get to see my Dentist he says that I grind my teeth on that side and this is weekening my teeth on that side so I have just had the impressions done for a mouth guard. The jury is out as to whether I grind my teeth at night as my husband hasn’t heard me.

Unfortunately I took Ibruprofen when I had the pain which does not agree with my stomach so am currently on Omeprazole to sort my stomach out.

Luckily all my dentist appointments have come under the one cost of £47 as all this has happened within the 2 months timescale.

I do think that all the BC treatment and drugs must weaken teeth but up until a few weeks ago I have been okay


Hi all
Before my chemo started in may11 my dentist said i had good teeth, by the end of chemo in oct 11, i had to have back molor on right side out, BC on my left side.Have started RT last week and another 2weeks to go , and now my teeth have started to play up, its always the molers.Cant eat, weight dropping,wonder if it will go after RT. thought my pain would lessen after chemo.How i hate pain.

Cooking a sunday roast, know i wont eat it, but enjoying the smell of it.

Think painfull teet is down to BC