Temperature 38C/Neutropenic

Continuing My Experience

Within 10 days of my 2nd FEC I was feeling really unwell and my temperature hit 38C. The literature I had been given said go to A&E if the temperature reached 38C.

You know it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I kept feeling I didn’t want to trouble anyone, that I would be OK. I’d wait a little while.

Hindsight - DON’T DELAY go to A&E. I really wasn’t putting anyone out, I was feeling really poorly and needed medication. I was admitted to hospital as I was neutropenic and ended up staying for a week.

I hope this information helps someone else out there.

I endorse everything you say and would encourage ALL women to refer to their hospital/chemo unit if they feel feverish and have a temperature of 38C.

It was August 2007 when I awoke at 3 a.m. with a fever of 38C, took a paracetemol, went back to sleep (as best I could) and then rang the chemo unit at 9 a.m. and was told to go there asap.

When I got there, I got a real slap on the wrists for not going in at 3 a.m. BECAUSE YOU CAN BE DEAD IN 2 HOURS IF YOUR NEUTROPHILS ARE SO LOW THEY CANNOT DEFEND YOU FROM BACTERIA AND DISEASES SUCH AS CHICKENPOX (for example).

Like “My_experience”, I then had a 6 night stay in hospital on very powerful IV antibiotics, and an identical repeat stay after the next (penultimate) FEC cycle.

So, ladies, take your fever seriously and just get up to your hospital/A&E/chemo unit WITHOUT DELAY - THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR! Wouldn’t it be ironic if you are diagnosed with breast cancer and then die of an infection (which could have been prevented)?

I second what has been stated as I have been hospitalised twice since starting chemo. although my temp only went to 37.5 and when I phoned they said I was boarderline but I knew that was high for me so went in and good that I did , I was down to 0.1 both times.

any temp from 37.5 - should alway call to check.

After my final chemo I had a temperature of 37.5 which wouldnt go down all day.I had had neulasta to keep my wbc high so was convinced I was ok.My OH rang the chemo unit and they insisted I go in.I was neutropenic and had to stay in an isolation room in hospital for 3 days on Iv antibx.Dont delay if your temp is high go in or at least ring.

I’ve just come out of hospital after going to A&E on Sunday night with a temperature of 37.9 and feeling very rough. My Neutrophils were down to 0.01 so I was put in protective isolaton and on IV antibiotics for 5 days. It was very scary and I felt very vulnarable. I’m hoping my chemo hospital will be giving me some Neutrophil boosters so I don’t end up in A&E again. I’ve had 3 FEC and 1 Taxotere so far. 2 more Tax to go.

Helen xx

Thankfully my temp has been ok so far but just to let you all know that at my chemo unit 38c has been crossed out on all the literature I’ve been given and 37.5c written in instead. I was also told not to take paracetamol if I felt unwell even if my temp was less than that until I had spoken to the unit or the ward if it’s out of hours.
I really had it emphasised to me that it is nothing to be taken lightly.

HI, well I suppose we all think that we will sail through the chemo, I did anyway, but it can change so quickly!! I went to bed the night before my final EPI was due, feeling fine, the next morning at 6am woke up freezing cold and shivering, but OH insisted I took my temp which was only 37.1 a little high for me, so we waited a while before phoning the hospital, same as everybody else do don’t want to be a nuisence. At 9am I was in the day unit under obs and by 10.30 in the ward awaiting iv antibiotics, temp then sailing above 38c and feeling very rough. Thankfully my temp was under control by the Friday and I was allowed out Saturday afternoon, but it has knocked me back, I now realise just how suspetable to infections I am, but worse still it delayed my last EPI until yesterday a real kick in the teeth. Please ladies if you feel unwell PHONE IMMEDIATELY, its better to go in and be sent home than leaving things until its too late!!