Temperature troubles

I’m nearly 4 days post chemo and it hasn’t been too bad apart from an unruly temperature and its driving me crazy.  I can be normal for a few hours 36.7/8 then it will shoot up to 37.5 for no reason.  I put a cold compress on and it’s back down and then climbs again.  I’ve been told to ring hospital at 38. I’m trying to work out a pattern but there doesn’t seem to be one.  What is exactly happening inside my body, is it the chemo drugs doing battle? Just worries me when I sleep…I mean will I wake if my temp gets too high? Stress 



Please either go to A and E or at least call your chemo helpline and explain this to them. A high temperature (my hospital says 37.5 and above) can be the only symptom of febrile neutropenia which is very serious. 


Take care xx