Tender area in good armpit

I wonder if anyone can help. I finished radiotherapy just over a fortnight ago and my dodgy side seems to be settling down nicely. I had axillary clearance prior to this. Over the last couple of days I have a tender area in my good arm pit, I can’t feel any lumps just tender if I touch it. Can anyone shed any light, you can imagine my mind is starting to work overtime again. Also I have the beginnings of lymphodeama which is being controlled. When will it all end?

Thank you

Sunshine, it’s possible that your body is fighting off an ordinary, common or garden infection somewhere, and the lymph nodes are warking hard on of that fight. But if you’re worried, give your BCN a ring on Monday to talk about it. They may even invite you in so they can give it a thorough check, for your reassurance rather than because they think there’s something to worry about.

sunshine i have had the same thing on my good side tender armpit when touching it also sometimes with movement i mention it to my onc and she felt it and said it all fells fine, so i would not worry to much mention it to your onc when you go next. x

Hi Sunshine,
Im quite a long time past you, November 08, all treatment finished by July 09, tamoxifen ongoing. I quite often have what Id describe as a lumpy tenderness in my good armpit when Im below par or just get overtired, often this is accompanied by twinges in my groins. In the early days when I thought every ache and pain was another tumour growing, I had a couple of sessions of massage therapy and the guy said it was simply because I had a compromised lymph gland system due to the fact that theyd all been removed from the BC armpit, the others all have to work harder, Im sure thatll be the same for you.
Good luck, God`s good xx

Thank you for your replies, it does seem to have settled down over the last couple of days so maybe it was just the lymph nodes being overworked (I know the feeling). I have just got to get rid of the pain in my other arm from radiotherapy and then I will feel a whole lot better.