Tender Arm

Tender Arm

Tender Arm Hello Everyone,

Just wonder if anyone of you is experiencing some tenderness of the arm.

Finished my treatment in June and a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this tenderness on my surgery arm specially by the elbow joint. It feels bruised but there is nothing there. I tried to gently massage it but the dull ache doesn’t seem to go away. I am not sure if it is only my imagination but somehow it does look slightly swollen. I have been taking Ibuprofen in the hope that the inflamation will subside but doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Sorry for moaning but I just do not want to see the doctor if I can help it as I been to see them on several occassion already.

Any advice will be much appreciated.


hi tess i finished my treatment in may and yes, my arm still gets sore. its quite normal, a lot of ladies posting here have the same problem. mine is worse at the back of my arm which feels numb but also sore to touch, but my whole arm is generally quite painful. some days are worse than others. it sometimes feels really cold as well.
my neighbour had treatment over a year ago and she still has some problems with her arm.
sorry i cant say that it will get better soon but it should settle down a bit through time. and dont worry about moaning, we all do that here!!!
annie x

Arm Tenderness Hi Tess&Annie,

I finished my rads end of june and suffering same probs as you in that since my op back in feb the back of my arm though it feels numb, still feels sore and tender to the touch, also tender under the arm when I shave! My arm hurts a bit when I lift it to undress. I haven’t noticed any swelling or any other symptoms though.

I’m so glad I’ve found this brill site where we can all share our experiences of this awful disease. I feel that I have got off very lightly compared to a lot of you here,

all the best,

love Cynthia x