tender hand and arm

Hi i had my 2nd chemo on Monday and it was a bit more of a struggle with the needle…i had a long wait as pharmacy had mislaid my charts and my fingers and arm was very cold when we started.i felt discomfort in my hand and now my hand and arm feel very tender in the veins…dont want anything touching them at all.my hands and arms are skinny with quite pronounced veins.hoping this is normal as the nurse struggled a bit and nothing to worry about? X

Hi Treeze, 

I am sorry to hear you have been feeling this discomfort. I am sure some users will be along soon to share their experiences and offer their support. 

In the meantime please do call our helplineat 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk you through any questions you may have and offer a friendly ear. The opening hours are below. 

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I have a sore arm due to the epirubicin. Try to keep your arm warm as much as possible and elevated when you are sitting down. Try to circulate your wrists but don’t stetch too far and don’t lift anything heavy. Epirubicin is tough on the veins and makes them tired. Hope all goes well. I have number 5 tomorrow.

Good luck.just coming out of hospital as temperature went up.bizzarely i feel safer in here…i dont feel safe in the "real"world at the moment…live in a busy town centre and feel surroundex by people germs risks all the time.i’ve always had a real issue with bugs anx germs and all this just elevates them.also ridiculously feel as if i’m to “blame” for picking up infection…as a child illness was seen as weakness or putting it on…sorry just needed to vent :slight_smile: x

Hi ladies,

sorry to read that you are already struggling with your veins.

This is a great thread to help you try and ‘maintain’ them as much as possible - forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Top-tips-and-practical-support/Vein-Care/m-p/1036347#U1036347

I had to have a PICC line for my last two treatments, as my vein has burnt out and I can no longer extend my arm either.  So glad I have had it - bloods for and treatment of FEC 5 went ‘swimmingly’ and I know that the last treatment of FEC will also go smoothly now. No more pain in the arm, only when I try and excericis it to stretch it.


Sue xx

Thankyou.must say I didn’t know any of this xx