Tender, swollen and hard breast after treatment


I’ve finished treatment (lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy) at the end of October. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that my breast is tender and there’s also like a hard lump of tissue where the tumour was. It’s also still a little swollen but that started during radiotherapy. Spoken to BCN and she says probably just scar tissue that feels hard/lump. 

Anybody else had similar symptoms?


I’ve had that too. The pain settled down about a year after radiotherapy, but it’s all still lumpy. I’m glad for yearly mammograms as it’d be hard to spot a new lump among it all.

I am exactly the same. I finished my treatment (chemo, lumpectomy and radiotherapy) at the end of September. I went to see the breast surgeon and Breast care nurse last month who said it was due to the radiotherapy. I stared to lymphatic breast massage( I found a video online) with an aquaeous cream twice a day and feel that this has helped quite a bit as well as wearing a sports bra. 

Hi, yes have exactly the same , surgery was in early September , but recently the discomfort and lumpiness has got worse. Not sure whether to go back to the consultant?

Hi, found this thread as I was looking for some reassurance myself. I finished chemo March 2020, then lumpectomy/mammoplasty in April followed by radiotherapy in June. I’ve healed really well but my boob is still tender and I sometimes get a few days in a row where I get sharp pains that come and go (which is what I have at the moment) I also have an area of hard sometimes painful skin along the scar line (I had an anchor cut / down from nipple and all the way under the boob) So it’s quite a big scar. I know radiotherapy can cause a lot of damage and will take time to heal internally but I guess I had hoped to feel better than i do by now. Plus I’m due to have my other breast reduced for symmetry in the next few months! Although it’s looking likely it’s going to be cancelled due to covid as not classed as urgent. I guess I’ll have wonky boobs for a bit longer!!

Anyway it’s nice to know I’m not the only one still tender and sore 9 months post surgery. 

Big hugs to you all x 

Hi. This thread has been very helpful. I’ve had right side theraputic mammoplasty and left side reduction. I find the right side swells, looks red and can be tender and /or have shooting pains. Where the tumour was feels hard. It feels like my tumour did but bigger and harder. I’ve been told this is scar tissue. I find it settles down. It gets like this if I’m active as opposed to when i first wake up so I’m going to plan in breaks during the day. I’m also doing exercises and massaging to improve lymphatic drainage. From what my BCN says and my research, this is all normal. Good to have the experiences of others in this thread to refer and compare to. It’s reassuring to read other people’s experiences. Thanks.