Terminal illness cover

Hi, I have just realised that my life insurance cover also covers Terminal illness. Having been diagnosed 18 months ago with secs in Liver , Lungs and Lymph and at the time never asking or was told my life expectancy but my oncologist said it was weeks, months maybe years I now have to make the decision whether or not to claim for Terminal illness and get my mortgage paid off and in that instance get to know how long when he fills in the form. I have mixed feelings as to what to do. Would like to know how others have dealt with these this.
I’m reasonably well at the moment and am on 3rd cycle of Capcitabene but have to wait a few more weeks for a scan to see if its working.
Love Lesley

My mortgage cover also covers terminal illness (up to a year before death) and when dx with bone secondaries last May was told it wasn’t appropriate to claim(after shock of dx it was pretty much my first question-my subtle way of asking for life expectancy), but was dx with liver secondaries in September and asked oncologist again in November, she said with liver secondaries no-one could definately say I would live longer than a year, and its not as if they could ask for it back! My claim was successful and we are now spending the money whilst I am here, I don’t intend to turn my toes up a year after the pay off, in fact i’m already 2 months over my ds1500,and my forms also went straight to the insurance company from the oncologist, so I have no idea what was written
I did cry and have a moment when they rang and said my claim was successful - dint feel much like a success to me, this is my convoluted way of saying you’ve paid for this insurance so make the claim!
Love Claire

Hi Claire, Thanks very much for that. Its a hard decision to make and I did ask the question with the insurance company ‘what if I live longer than a year’ and she said they would not be ringing me up to check after a year if I was still here. We all know Liver Secs are not good but I have had them now for 18months and feel reasonably ok, I have more problems with the Arthritis i’ve had for years and we know there are quite a few people on this site who have had Liver secs for a number of years and I try to hold on to that.
It would be a bonus if the oncologist sent the papers straight to the insurance co and if its successful and I don’t see why not you are right in saying I’ve paid it so I may as well spend the money whilst i’m here. I also had to pay a lot higher premium than my husband as when we took out the mortgage I was 9 years away from my original diagnosis and although I had never had any problems they really stung me for it so I would save quite a bit on that as well.
Thanks for your help and I think I will make the claim.
Love Lesley xx

Hi Lesley

I was diagnosed back in July 07 with BC and liver mets, and sent my forms off to the insurance company and they paid out immediately. We have paid a lot of our mortgage and go on lovely holidays too with the children. No one knows your life expectancy as we all respond to treatment so different.

I would definitely cash in on your insurance as you have paid the premiums so should at least get to enjoy it.

I too didnt and dont feel like celebrating having the money, but spose might as well make sure we enjoy our lives and also know my husband and babies have the house paid off.

Take care

I was dx with seoondaries in March 07 and I claimed off of my insurances last year and they all paid out. So we have been on some lovely holidays and basically enjoying ourselves whilst I am well enough to. I know from expereience how quickly you can go downhill so quickly.
So my advice is put the claim in and enjoy the money you deserve it!!

love CAroline

Hi Lesley,

If you decide to make a claim you should be able to give your insurance company permission to contact your Onc and GP directly. That way you don’t have to see what has been put in black and white about you!

Bad Fairy x

Hi Lesley

I was diagnosed with secondaries in October 09 and the first thing my GP told us to do was to fill out the forms to apply for the DLA and to check all our insurance polices for pay outs for terminal illness.

It is quite frightening when you are still reeling from the shock of the diagnosis but it certainly helps to focus the mind on what time you may have left and make sure you enjoy it as much as you can. If you have little or no financial worries that is a big bonus.

AND as Dawn says, get on those holidays and create as many wonderful memories as possible with your loved ones - that is what I am going to be doing at every opportunity when my chemo has finished. My new 10 yesr passpoirt has arrived and my new car was ordered last week - GO GIRL!!!

Love Sue xx

Thanks to everyone for your comments it has been a great help to me. I will be contacting the Insurance co tomorrow and making the claim. One of the worries I have is I don’t want to see in writing what the Oncolgist has to say but I will ask they send the papers straight through to the insurance co. which is probably what they would do anyway and is what Claire said her Oncologist did. Wish I had made the claim 18months ago I could have done so much more its been a tough time financially with having to give up work.
Thanks again Love Lesley x

Hi All, I’ve seen my Oncologist today and whilst my bloods are ok and I am to go ahead with cycle no.5 of Xeloda he then went on to say he had had the forms to fill in with regard to my Terminal illness claim and had sent them back but they had written back and asked him to be more specific as too how long I have got and I know that no time length can be given so I am surprised that he cannot make this clear to them and says as I am stable at the moment he cannot say whether I will live 12months or not.
Having been diagnosed with secs in June 2008 and at the time told I could not be cured and the best I could hope for would be to be stablised for weeks or months and the surgeon saying only last Oct that I had done much better than expected and then at that time being diagnosed with skin mets as well, so there are some signs of progression. I am pleased that he isn’t saying i’ve got less than 12 months but at the same time having been diagnosed with secs 18 months ago and knowing that Liver secs are not good (I also have lung, lymph and bone mets) I feel very upset as I have had to give up work and the mortgage and insurance come to £500 a month I was hoping this would ease things financally. Its not even a tremendous amount as our mortgage is nearly paid off with only 3 years to go and at the time of taking it out I told them I had had breast cancer in 1998 and have had to pay a premium extra to cover that. I obviously haven’t had a decision made yet but I feel that the insurance co are trying to avoid paying out.
My other concern is that my GP rang yesterday as he was filling in the forms and asked me when I had my original diagnosis, wouldn’t you think he had that information? so wonder what he is going to put on the form and also asked me if I got Disability Living Allowance which I do and he had already been told about.
Anyway sorry for rambling on but just wondered if anybody else had problems when claiming.
Lesley xx

I did have problems when claiming - but of a different nature. The insurance company refused to pay out because of discrepancies in my information. I had said two slightly different things regarding stopping smoking. I never smoked a lot and stopped when I became pregnant but apparently my GPs notes do not agree with what is written in the insurance policy and so they would not pay me. I did not feel up to appealing at the time, but in retrospect, I should have done so. They repaid my premiums in full before I had time to blink!