terrified about breast clinic appiontment tomorrow!

Hi everyone, I felt a lump in my right breast last Tuesday.   I am attending my appointment tomorrow morning, the wait has been unbearable, and now it has come to it, I am completely terrified.  I have a 19 year old and a 4 year old and am thinking all sorts of horrible things, I suppose I just need some support from someone who knows!  I have had painful boobs since I can remember, but the right one has been giving me more and more pain, so went to GP and she said she can feel a small lump, which she said doesnt feel sinister and that she is not worried!  Would she just say that, if she believed it to be bad?  I almost lost my life in an ectopic pregnancy in 2002 and am incredibly angry that I must face this horror, self pitying I know.  Any advice would be so appreciated, dont think i will be sleeping!

Dear Sammec

Welcome to the forum.  I am so sorry you are feeling so scared.  I hope other members will notice your post soon and come  along to offer you some support.

The helpline will be open tomorrow at 9.00am.  Do give them a call to talk over your fears.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Take care

Very best wishes

Hi Samm


I’m so sorry you are in this situation.  It is understandable that you are terrified. I don’t think your GP would be saying it didn’t feel sinister if she hadn’t meant it. When I found my lump, I didn’t think it was sinister and my GP agreed with me, but she referred me anyway. Sadly, it was cancer. But that doesn’t mean yours will be. I’m just pointing out that your GP has done the right thing by referring you, even though she didn’t think it was a ‘bad’ lump.  A diagnosis of breast cancer is no longer the death sentence it was many years ago. Thousands of women come through this experience and go on to  live happy, healthy lives. The  problem is, we can’t blame anyone for the fact we have BC. It’s just one of those things :womansad:


By now, you should have had your appointment, and if it was nothing serious, you might already know that.  If however you don’t yet know, I’m hoping for a good result for you. 


I’m also very sorry to hear of your awful, scary experience with the ectopic pregnancy. 


Sending hugs

Poemsgalore xx

Hello im in the same boat as you ! I have had pain in my boobs for ages and under arm especially my right one , im also 19 and so worried my GP also said she doesn’t think it’s sinister but i cant help worrying my breast are really stinging and dull aching pain I hope uour appointment goes well , well as well as it can and I hope you get the answers you want i have to wait a week before my appointment :(