Terrified now....!

Hi…I posted on here last weekend about my symptoms. Lump, discharge and crease. My appointment is tomorrow afternoon and I am petrified. I have tried to stay really positive but am having palpitations and just can’t focus on anything!!! Ay advise would be great!!x

Hi jojo9

It sounds to me like you need to have a chat with our helpline staff, they’re only a free phone call away 0808 800 6000, lines open at 9am today - give them a call they’re here to support you.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator


Do you have anyone close, a friend or relative you could speak to. It would be a good idea if you could take someone like this to your appointment with you. Write down any questions you would like answering and if possible, jot down the answer too. I hope you took up the offer to chat with the helpline staff who would try to put your mind at rest. My hospital has a Macmillan centre in it. If you have one local to you, they would also try to reassure you.

Good luck for tomorrow, hope you get a good night’s sleep and that tomorrow goes well for you.

((((Big Hugs))))
Poemsgalore xxx

Hi Poemsgalore
thanks for your support. My hubbie is coming wth me…I am actually calmer this evening than I was this morning. A strange calm but a good one! I am going to do as you suggest and write some questions down definitely. A great idea. My mind has been in overdrive a bit this past few days and with 3 things going on in the one breast I can’t help but feel its not good. I was working today so I didn’t get a chance to ring the helpline but I think I will in the morning before I go just to calm me as I have a two hour drive to the clinic…which ain’t helpful!! Lol. its just that balance of getting prepared for good or not so good news I guess. Thank you so much for taking the time to advise and support me…it’s unbelievable how much it means just to share and feel the are people out there who understand. I hope you are keeping well and strong yourself and I send huge hugs back. ((((()))))xxx

Good luck hunnix

Hope it’s better news than you are fearing, let us know when you’re up to it. If it is bad news there will be lots of support here for you but I really hope you won’t be needing us. x

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow
sending you hugs
Gillian xx

Hi, I have my appointment tmrw afternoon too, so kind of know how you feel.
I am feeling quite calm now, as reading through all these posts have helped & tbh what will be will be wont it?
I hope it’s positive news for us both, will be thinking about you xx

hi jojo
I so feel for you, it was only yesterday that I felt sick, legs felt wobbly and I didn’t,t know how I would even be able to drive to the hospital. It didn’t help that I went by myself. I got into my van and really focused on all my happy memories, laughs with the kids and daft things that I have done that still make me giggle.
By the time I reached the hospital I felt calmer, still nervous mind, luckily I didn’t have to wait long to be seen and the lady who did the mammogram was so lovely that helped a huge amount. I then had the ultrasound with the breast consultant who said the magic words that she couldn’t see anything and that I just had lumpy breasts due to my age. She said there was no need for a biopsy and I needed another mammogram on my left breast which they did and all was ok. It was due to my tissue in the breast getting folded doing the 1st go.
she did say they might need a follow up just to see the discharge but that she was happy it wasn’t anything to worry about.

I do so hope that it is good news for you tomorrow, good luck and I’m thinking of you loads.
amanda xxx

Wishing you both all the very best for tomorrow. Sending you positive vibes and big hugs to cope with whatever is thrown at you. You know you will cope you just need some reassurance and we can all provide that for you.
Let us know how things progress. Lots of love Tracy xxx

Thank you

Thank you all so much…I am sooo touched by all your support and kind thoughts. Emzp1…sending lots of positivity your way too for tomorrow and yes it’s these posts that’s keeping me calm tonight. I will post an update tomorrow night…thanks again. now to try some sleep!!xxx

good luck for today, keeping everything crossed for you

Good luck girls. Thinking of you, and hoping it is good news. Let us know eh!!

HI Ladies
Well I had my appointment & it Was good news! Although I am confused which I wasn’t expecting with good news lol!
only due to the fact that I was in & out the clinic within half hour & I’m none the wiser as to what my ‘lump’ is.
The dr felt it & said she thought it was normal & then the lady who scanned me said there’s no lump, (there certainly is you can see & feel it)
The scanner said I have some fluid in my milk ducts but that’s normal with hormornal changes & things feel lumpier because I’m skinny! But there was nothing sinister or anything to worry about, which of course I’m delighted about.
Ive now got home & looked at my boob & the dr has drawn around the wrong area of where I said I felt the lump! So I’m not feeling overly confident … I know the scan would have showed something, but I would have liked To have been given the opportunity to ask exactly what my lump is as its quite uncomfortable, but the scanner sent me home & all her advice was maybe have a bra fitting (which I have) & evening primrose oil.
Anyway thank you so much for all of your lovely comments & support, I feel a bit of a fraud.
jojo I hope you get good news today too.
wishing all you ladies all the love & luck in the world xx

So I guess it is to do with hormonal changes.
So pleased for you!!! :smiley:

I always had dense, “lumpy” breasts I guess, and I had a scare in my 30’s with a large cyst that was aspirated, and again same thing several years later.
But a word of caution … when I found my latest lump I was absolutely positive it was just another cyst, and only the fact that my brother’s wife had recently been diagnosed, plus I was way overdue for scheduled mammogram, prompted me to get it checked.

It did turn out to be a cyst actually, but grade 3 cancerous. So just continue to be vigilant and don’t get complacent (like cloth-head here!!! :p)

Thanks Morwenna I will do… Take care & I wish you all the best with your treatment & future health x

jojo i hope everything is ok xxx caz

Emzp1. I am so pleased for you xxxxx
Jojo9 I am thinking about you, how did your appointment go? Xxxxxx

Thank you! Jojo hope your ok? Any news xx