Terrified of surgery on Wednesday - phobic about general anaesthesia

Hi Newbie1

Try to relax this evening as much as you physically can, I would suggest a nice warm bath or shower as well, as you can’t have one of them for a while afterwards, I was told to wait 2 weeks until my dressings were removed, I’m glad I listened because I healed fine, just a shame they are having to reopen the scar for full axillary clearance on Thursday.

Just keep thinking positive thoughts, we are all behind you


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Thank you so so much for this reply. I am terrified but it is lovely to hear your story and the elation of waking up afterwards. I am really touched you wrote xx


I am hoping they give me a pre op sedative but who knows x

Ah am so sorry you are having the full clearance on Thursday. I’m having tomorrow if any consolation. Better out than in I reckon xx

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Hi @newbie1

I’ve just messaged you to wish you luck on another thread and then remembered that we have messaged about this before . I’m so sorry about your previous experiences - make sure you tell them about it tomorrow even though I know you will have done so already . Don’t be afraid to hammer the point home . Your Anaesthetist will hopefully see you first , by all means ask if you can have extra sedation / premedication - just bear in mind that if you’re keen to get home ( aren’t we all ) extra sedation might slow your immediate recovery down. However it sounds as though it’s happening in the morning which gives you plenty of time . Hospitals often discharge patients up to 9pm or later now as well .

Health Care Professionals all have the same fears that you are having and then some because we know more and they are used to dealing with people who are scared . I’ve have never met anyone who isn’t nervous / scared / petrified before an operation under GA - although not everyone has had your experiences.

I hope that it all goes well and please come back on when you feel up to it and let us know.

With love
Joanne. X

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Sorry - had it in my head it was today. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending lots of positive thoughts. Sure you can do this! x

Hi Joanne

Hoping I get a sedative. Just terrible fear I won’t wake up :woman_facepalming: when you talked about Health Care Professionals being scare to because they know more it doesn’t mean that General anaesthetic is unsafe? Really hoping I make it x

Hi again @newbie1

Not waking up is the thing that people worry about the most - everyone worries about it believe me . If I had a pound for the number of times someone has told me that they were afraid they weren’t going to wake up and are so incredibly relieved that they have - the total would be in the thousands by now .

There’s always a bit of risk and everything is always done to eliminate any possible risk - thus the questions which you may get fed up of repeating the answers to. HCPs also struggle with other stuff - for instance a few years I underwent a small gynae op and a male friend / colleague was assisting the Anaesthetist and the surgeon . I could not have asked for a nicer more caring person or a better practitioner to do this but the thought of him and others I knew ( but mainly him) having seen bits of me that I can’t physically see myself was mortifying. I would have rather it had been a room full of strangers . He was a complete gentleman about it though which made it easier afterwards . Unfortunately he’s gone now - we lost him to prostate cancer :disappointed_relieved: just after I had my breast surgery .
Also you feel pressure to handle everything well because of the experience you have - it’s like you’re a patient but still trying to do your job at the same time , trying to wear 2 heads look at everything from 2 points of view - does not compute and very surreal.

Come back on this thread and talk to us afterwards Newbie - when you feel up to it .I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow .

Joanne. X

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I was planning to come out the same day but had to stay in in the end. If yours is early you should be home. Good luck today it will soon be over xx

Well I did wake up! Had a cracking headache and sickness but very little pain so am delighted. Thank you all so much for love and messages xx


That’s great to hear, you must be so relieved. I also woke up today now feeling totally zonked but so hungry lol. Didn’t get home till 7pm tonight. Hope you’re taking it easy now and doing those exercises, they really do help. Road to recovery now xx

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I’m glad to hear that you’re ok Newbie . Thanks for coming back on to let us know .

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Joanne. X


Delighted to hear this. Well done for finding that courage and strength. Just be kind to yourself now and continue the healing.