Terrified recently diagnosed but waiting for results?

 My routine mammogram was clear in April, but a sixth sense told me there was something and in June I started to notice a thickening.  I was told on Friday that I have cancer after an ultrasound even though the results of the biopsy had not yet even been tested.  I  am waiting until the 12th for my results and have been told by my breast nurse that it could be four to five weeks before an operation as i may need an MRI.  Why so long to wait for everything, im going out of my mind.

Hi Turnercat,sorry to welcome you to this club.It is totally shocking when you are first diagnosed and your world gets turned upside down.Im afraid there is a lot of waiting in the beginning as they piece together information about your cancer in order to devise an individual treatment plan for you.Its sounds like you may have lobular breast cancer which is hard to see on a mammogram which explains why your mammogram was clear, they do an MRI scan to be able to see things more clearly and this will help decide what sort of surgery you are offered.4 weeks is about average for surgery but it gives them time to gather all the info they need,my op was brought forward a week so you may still get offered an earlier date.Its very scary but try and remember that breast cancer is very treatable particularly when caught early and the vast majority of us will still be here in10 years time.Lots of support to be had from other women on here.Goos luck.Jill.

Ps there are some ladies who have very recently been diagnosed with lobular breast cancer talking on a thread in the "just diagnosed "section of the site.

Thank you Jill 1998. I t is beginning to sink in now. I was a bit angry and shocked the first couple of days. The next hurdle is to tell my two grown up daughters. Very frightened as I lost my mum in 1997 to cancer but realise that treatment has improved since then. Just tying to keep busy. X

I found telling people was harder than dealing with it myself.Yes , breast cancer treatment has come on incredibly over the last 10 years to the point where survival rates are good.You will feel better once you know exactly what you are dealing with and what happens next.The first few weeks are very hard,but it does get easier.Try and speak to some other ladies in the just diagnosed section ,it will help,you are not the only one going through this by a long way.

Hi turnercat

Welcome here, I am sure the support you have already found will be a great help to you

You may also find our ‘Someone like me’ support service helpful as you are able to speak to someone via telephone or email who has had a similar diagnosis/experiences to you, please take a look here to find out more:


For any further queries or concerns our helpliners are on hand for you with emotional and practical support so do feel free to call 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care

Lucy BCC

Many thanks to you both xx

Off to the clinic tomorrow for results of biopsy and treatment plan They have already told me its cancer. Feel sick.

You will feel better when you know exactly what happens next.It does get easier and less overwhelming.If you can take someone with you to listen to what they tell you it is a good idea as it is very hard to remember what they tell you when you are upset/anxious ,ask them to write things down and ask them to explain anything you don’t understand .

Had my first one Monday. I feel fine at moment and definitely more positive now something happening. You will find the strength I was a wreck last week now looking forward…With a smile X shirl

Had my first chemo Monday. I feel fine at moment and definitely more positive now something happening. You will find the strength I was a wreck last week now looking forward…With a smile X shirl

Had results ductal tumour grade 3. MRI and then possible op in four weeks. Grade 3 and 2.5 cm. Is that bad?

Thank you Anna

Thank you so much everybody who have helped put my mind at ease. Probably my problem is I’ve always ended looking after people With cancer my parents and my brother . Some of the time I think I’m so lucky that this has been found and can be treated and I’m positive. Other times I panic and think OMG. Its good to talk on here. You ladies are my inspiration. Thank you. Xx

Turnercat lots of ladies in a similar position talking in the “Just diagnosed and wanting to talk to people who understand thread” if you would like to join us, lots of support and humour on offer.

Thanks Jill will try and find it

Had 3 new ladies join us today,so you are certainly not on your own !!!Look in just diagnosed section and for title " just diagnosed and wanting to talk… ".