hi, i went to the docs last wk with a few small lumps between my breast and armpit, the doc examined me and said dont think its anything to worry about but i am referring u to the breast clinic, since then i have pain in both breasts especially nipple area and tender, also more lumps have appeared near my collar bone and to top it off this morning i now have some redness top of breast, i would rather some one told me straight if it really is something 2 worry about as i am goin out of my mind anyway. hospital have rung me 2 let me know my appointment is 1st feb wk on monday i know this doesnt seem long but it feels like a lifetime xxx

Hi Scared Patient

Yes, the waiting and not knowing what to expect is hard but as much as we don’t want to wait, we have to with great difficulty.

I really do hope that you have nothing to worry about and you get the result you want.

Take Care x