hi i have recently found a lump on my left breast it is quite big and it is hard i am at the hospital on the 27th and i am terrified can anyone tell me what to expect.i am 29 and if im honest have convinced myself it is cancer

Hi solusfox

Welcome to the forums, where I am sure that you will receive lots of support and information from your fellow forum members. You may also find our publication helpful to read, it’s called ‘Referral to a breast clinic’, this can either be downloaded from the website via the following link:


or please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 if you have further queries or wish to talk your concerns over with someone in confidence. The line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Dear Solus fox

sorry you are so worried, but it is natural. You’ve done absolutely the right thing to get it tested out. Nine out of ten lumps are benign and the rate of breast cancer below 30 is very low. At that age another lump called fibro denoma is quite common. Tests will confirm one way or the other. They do:

examination of your breasts - they get you to stand up with your hands on your hips to see if one is lower than the other, and to see any bulges anywhere where you don’t expect them. They get you to lie down as well and they feel for lumps. they know what cancers typically feel like, but at this stage you can’t be sure - only way definitely is to do the clinical exam, a mammogram/ultrasound and look at the cells under a microscope.

After the clinical exam, you normally go for a mammogram and an ultrasound if you are below 50 - younger breasts can be too dense to show cancers up - they show up better against fatty tissue.

Ultrasound involves going topless and having gel put on you to make the probe move around. It works by bounding sound waves off the tissue and is entirely painless although I had to move my arm out of the way so the blood supply began to get a bit cut off toward the end (I had to hold my arm above my head for a while)

The ultrasound shows the shape of the lump which can give clues as to whether it is benign or not. Mobile lumps without sort of stringy tissue which fixes them are less likely to be cancer. Also fibroadenomas have a sort of capsule around them and look smoother. However, having seen ultrasound pics on the net before diagnosis I thought that they’d have to be very skilled to tell the difference so I wouldn’t try and interpret them yourself.

The mammograms involved squashing your boob and taking an x ray picture - they do two views per breast so they can get as much breast tissue into the pictures as possible. You have to wait for the results usually unless you go to a one stop shop, where you hang around until all the results are in.

The third test is a fine needle aspiration or a fine needle aspiration plus a core biopsy. These involve taking samples of cells from the lump. With me, the consultant held onto the lump through my skin quite firmly, then took a quite thin long needle and put it into the lump. It wasn’t that painful although it looked a bit daunting! no anaesthetic was used as apparently this hurts as much as the thin needle going in. She took a few samples and my lump was pretty hard so it took a little time but as I say it didn’t hurt really. The cells were put on a slide and went off to a lab for analysis.

About a week later I went back to the clinic and was told I needed another test as my result had come back C3. C1 means not enough cells to make a judgment, C2 means not cancer, C3 means probably not cancer but could be. So I had another test the core biopsy. This involved local anaesthetic and a bigger needle that took samples of tissue - I had five in total.

I then had to wait for results for quite a while but normally they come back quite quickly.

The tests are 99.7% accurate

So once you’ve had them you can be pretty certain you will know one way or the other.

Good luck


thanks mole at least i know what to expect im sure it is probably nothing but it is so worrying

Hi Solusfox

I just wanted to say that you will be very up and down while waiting for appointments and this is perfectly normal. If you are feeling low or worried just post on here and the lovely ladies will help you with any questions or anxieties.

Good luck
Let us know how you get on

Yvonne xx

Hi solusfox

just keep your sprits up at all times, i know that sounds silly but i have been trough this and it took 2 lots of tests before i got my results even though it was not good news my sprits are still high and positive as you have to think to yourself nothing in this world is going to stand in my way at any time.

will be thinking of you