Tesco Magazine Feature - GRRRRRRRRR!

I have just seen a feature in the current Tesco magazine to mark October cancer awareness month and am really annoyed.

On one page they state that 81% of breast cancers occur in women OVER FIFTY, yet the ‘case studies’ are of women aged 31, 37 and 39.
Surely they could have got at least ONE person in their 50’s or 60’s to feature?

That’s the trouble with all the BC awareness campaigning - only photogenic young women are deemed to be acceptable - hide away the oldies!

Pick it up in Tesco’s next time you go and let me know what you think.

Maybe BCC has a view since this website is advertised at the end of the article.

I did see it but actually through it was a good feature unlike many I’ve read in other magazines. I do see your point about the over 50s not being represented and it would have been good to see at least one person over 50 in the feature.

On the plus side though, a lot of people are still under the misconception that cancer only happens to over 50s so it’s good to make people aware that it can affect you younger particularly as those of us under 50 were not part of the mammogram programme.

Elinda x

Women over 50 are given the option of mammos which us younger ones are not. After finding my lump at age 34, its so important that young women realise that it does affect us too even though we are not given screening, and therefore awareness of younger women is even more important.

I agree with lolly and elinda. I was 32 when diagnosed and was given a pile of leaflets featuring women in their 50’s 60’s and above. I would welcome any increase in publicity showing that BC can be diagnosed at any age. It still amazes me how many people (including some medical professionals I have met) believe BC does not affect younger women.

I think all publications should make a greater effort to feature women of ALL ages (as well as ethnicity, sexuality etc). Sadly BC can affect us all.

I’m not one of the “young mums” but not a granny either.

I have always been unhappy and unsettled at the photos of women portrayed on the front of virtually all the BCC leaflets given out - all the women look so old! It made ME feel old, just looking at them. Am I now old because I have BC?

At this time, my self-esteem and self-image is rock bottom, I don’t need a constant parade of older women’s faces glaring at me all the time.

“was given a pile of leaflets featuring women in their 50’s 60’s and above” I’m in my 50s, love, and I can assure you that neither me nor any of my 50-year-old mates look anything like as old as those women on those leaflets.

Just picked uo on this thread and you are so right!
Now 49, diagnosed at 45, I wasn’t/am not at a place I want to call old.
Yes we need images of the more mature among us, but guess what purely presenting these images, almost puts a silk gloss on the desease for younger women who think, they are far too young to get it.
3 of my 7 gals in my group were diagnosed within a 3 yr timeframe, the youngest being 41 with bowel cancer then myself and another at 43 and 45 respectively with breast. Im the only one with us now. Far from being young, but an age from being the 81-95 that the women seem to die at in my family, Im hoping Ive got some way to go.
What has absolutely shocked the pants off me is the number of ladies in their 20s and thirties who post on this site. Mere babies in the scheme of life, where is the public support and awareness raising for this group? Sensational “I survived” articles in gossip mags seem to be the only place where images are seen. Its not about steeling those hopefully positive years, but just injecting alittle reflection on how to stay well and safe from this chronic desease.
The sad reality is, the desease isn’t proud, it will take any of us regardless of age, ethnicity… every profile needs airing to help us look out for each other.


I am staggered to read that the NHS is not offering all ages a
mammogram as there is a lot of inherited diseases,

I have just returned from hospital after having an op on breast,
so surprised that there was so many young ladies having biopsies.
my opinion they should be taught how to examine breast before they leave uni a lesson to be learnt there,

Yes i am a grandma what have i passed on to my beautiful daughter and granddaughter, younger ones with this dreadful disease need all publicity they can get it attacks us all even males.

thank goodness we have this site where we can put our point of view over. Pat x

The reason that mammos are not offered to all is that there is a risk of cancer being caused by the exposure to radiation.

Over the age of +/- 50s, the risks of BC outweigh the dangers.

Also, mammograms are less accurate in younger women.

Thank you all for your comments, especially Blessing’s which was beautifully expressed.

“Also, mammograms are less accurate in younger women.”

I am 55 and the mammogram didn’t pick up my cancer - self examination and ultrasound did. Just because you get a clear mammogram doesn’t mean you don’t have cancer and I didn’t know that until May of this year!

A mammo didn’t pick up mine either; the primaries were 1mm and 4mm. Neither did ultrasound.

The triple assessment didn’t pick mines up either. Even the blood tests were clear. They found the tumour under the fibroid I was having removed as a day patient.


I had a mammo last nov and it was clear but was diagnosed in sep this year with bc, I am wondering now if the mammo didn’t pick my lump up as the consultant thought it had been there a long time!!

Ditto on all sorts of counts:- as a woman over 50… as someone who looks younger than the images (I HOPE!), even without hair and as someone who had a clear mammogram months before a lump being feel-able and it having spread to lymphs… must have been there for years, surgeon said, and re-examined mamo… nothing… weird eh?

I had been self examining for 10 years. The (fibroid)lump just seemed to emerge suddenly and it wasn’t there the previous month. I think perhaps the tumour growing underneath must have pushed it up. All I can say is, I’m glad I am somebody who checks. Since I had this 5 years back I have been astounded by the number of women I meet who say they would never think to bother. This is especially amongst 30 somethings and I have to say it makes me a bit angry. I also get annoyed at ladies who don’t attend for things like regular smears (somebody I know who didn’t bother found out they had ovarian cancer last year)

Maybe if they could devise less horrendously painful means of testing for both these things people would be less inhibited from attending.

can smear tests detect ovarian cancer ?,I thought that a smear test only looks at cells from the cervix.I have friends who have never had a smear test and who never check their breasts even after me getting BC,one of my work friends even said to me that if she found a lump she wouldn’t go to GP coz she would be scared it was cancer!!!.sorry you have painful mammograms and smears jeniffer ,I have had 4 smear tests every six months coz I had borderline changes and not one of them was painful, just a bit uncomfortable.I do find that mammograms are a bit painful on the side where I had the cancer but think that is because of the scar the other breast is not painful at all.


Hi Mel and others

Smear tests only detect cervical cancer. Ovarian cancer is actually quite difficult to detect and there isn’t one test like a smear that will do that.

I had to have painful smears for many years because of endometriosis which also affected my cervix so I do sympathise with anyone having them. I am really shocked though if there are still a lot of women not going for them or other things like mammograms.

I wish there was a way of saying to women that a few minutes of discomfort or even mild pain is far better than having to undergo surgery, chemo etc. Elinda x