Test results advice required please

My wife had a biopsy last Friday. We arrived expecting to be told nothing to worry about. Unfortunately that isn’t how things worked out. On the scans there was quite a large mass in her right breast. This is really worrying. The good news was the doctor said she could find no lumps in the lymph nodes.

What can we expect to happen on decision day if treatment is necessary

so sorry that you have this worry and it does really depend on what the biopsy says as to what is next so its difficult to say what treatment will be required if any.  If the ‘mass’ is cancer is does depend on what type of cancer - if there are no lymph node involement then then it could probably be surgery (mastectomy/lumpectomy dependant on size of the cancer and then dependant on the further pathology reports of the tissue whether that is the end of treatment or whether your wife will need radiotheropy.  They may do a sentinal node biopsy if they do surgery just to double check lymph node invovlement.   Sorry to be so vague but everyone one of us is different and the treatment plan will be designed specifically for the circumstances.   So dependent on the outcome of biopsy, it could be no treatment,  surgery and nothing else, surgery and radiotheropy or if  there is node involvement it could mean chemotheropy do.   It is a horrid time wating for results, it does get better as once you know either way then you know what you are facing.  good luck to you and your wife and finges crossed that all will be well xxxx



Just to add to what Saffron seed has said, if it is cancer you may not get a difinitive picture just from the biopsy. Your wife may need to have further tests and scans before a treatment plan can be decided on. So do not assume you will get all the info you want/need when you go back.


Good luck and I hope it turns out to be something minor.