Test results friday

Hi you all seem very knowledgeable about the whole business. I just got told yesterday and back on Friday for results of biopsy an treatment plan. Trying to get through each day thinking about craft projects and positive things in the future. But now feeling a bit naive.
Anybody at same point who can identify with me?
Yours in love and hope

Hi AmelieBlossomville,

Just popped in to say hello, the people on here have great experience regarding bc so if you have any questions, worries etc just ask and someone will come along and help. Once you know what your plan is you kinda relax a bit and you can plan better. I knew basically nothing when I came on here so you are not alone!! Take care and best wishes for Fri xx

Hi htere-Im just about to start my treatment on 15 November -I had all my tests done in one day at my hospital in Belfast. I then waited two weeks to arrange the operation and two weeks after that hey gave me the results of the operation eg tumour size grade etc. I know exactly how you feel and it is very hard waiting. I really got and still do get a lot of great support on this website especially these forums. Try to keep busy if you can but there are lots of people on here who will offer you good asvice and support. Take care

Hi AmelieBlossomVille and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support you have here already I am posting the number to our helpline which is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, here you will receive more support and information and a listening ear, the number to call is 0808 800 6000.

You may also find the BCC newly diagnosed resource pack useful, you can read more about it and order a pack via the following link:


Take care

Hi i can identify with you,
I also had tests on friday, mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. I have to return next friday for the biopsy result and plan of action. i have been an emotional wreck for most of the weekend, thinking the worst and then being positive. i have visited this site several times over the past couple of days and seeing all the comments i have signed up. xx

I too can identify with this, I had a recall back from my first screening (age 49) - nothing to worry about I thought, I don’t smoke, no history of breast cancer in the family, breast fed both children for a year, very breast aware and no lumps felt. I also lost my mum the day after my screening - but when the recall letter arrived I wasn’t too concerned as I was told to expect this. I am a health professional but I did what I tell all my patients not to I googled everything (but did find this site so bonus)
Went yesterdy for more mammograms which weren’t particularlly helpful and then ultra sound and x2 biopsy both in the lower quadrant of the left bresat, which in fairness I didn’t find too bad. But I have an appointment for a week on thursday for results, I am expecting the worse because the 2 ladies who were seen before me were told their results would come through the post but I was told I had to come back and was also told I was probably looking at surgery whichever way the biopsy comes back. Can they know before the result of the biopsy that it is BC cause that was the impression I got. I am now going for a sick note cause this coming so close to the death of my mum is too much and I feel I can’t concentrate on anything but this. Find all the support on this forum invaluable x x

Hello lizzyship

Welcome to the forums, I’m so pleased that you are finding it so supportive.

We also have a helpline that you may find useful. The free phone number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 to 2.00.

Best wishes
June, moderator

Just want to say good luck with your results and treatment plans ladies.

Lizzyship in response to your question… Sometimes they know it is cancer from the mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy… However sometimes thru won’t know till the results come back… Some abnormalities will be definite cancers based on th original mammmo, but some need further investigations. Ey are usually graded ou of 5 … 1 is normal, and 5 is cancer… 2 is something abnormal that doesn’t require further investigation like cysts. If you are a 3 or a 4 they are indeterminate… The majority of 3s will be bnign an the majority of 4s will be cancer…there can be other precancerous changes here they would normally prefer to remove the area… Things such as radial scars.

Until the pathology results is avaiable they cannot be 100% certain what it is.

I know the waiting is bloody awful but your in the right place for support


Hi Lizzyship
I cant imagine how hard this is for you to cope with aswell as the loss of your mother. Definitely go for the sick note.
When i went on friday for my mammogram , ultrasound and biopsy i was told it was BC… I assume they could tell from what they had seen. This friday cant come quick enough for me, so that I know exactly what is going to happen. I feel in a sort of limbo. i had lots of tears at the weekend, but now ive been back at work its been a bit like a bad dream, which i know will start again soon. Reading all the positive support on here is really invaluable. Thinking of you all xxx

You are so right sometimes I am so positive and other times in complete panic mode, doctor gave me a sick note for 4 weeks. I have accepted that I have BC now i just want a plan that I can get my head round.
Hoping that it hasn’t had time to spread as even now when I know where the little b****r is I stil can’t feel anything at all, I saw on ultrasound that it is 13mm so hoping that its not too bad news on Thursday next, I am seeing the surgeon and not the oncologist but already have my list of questions ready. I am one of these folks that the more information I get the better I can cope. I find myself wishing for non-invasive or stage 1 or 2 - who would have thought I would ever be wishing for BC. It kind of damage control mode that I am in. I feel 11 days for confirmation is a long time to wait but they said it has to go to the multi disciplinary team to be discussed first. Will keep you all informed. Many thanks for the inspiration and support

Hi All, had my appointment with surgeon today. I have ductal cancer (think thats the term he used). Its about 2 to 3 cm. He seemed very positive and wants to do a reduction ( as Im big busted) as a way of removing the cancer. Ive got to have an MRI first to check there is nothing else lurking. The only thing that concerned me was that he mentioned that the mammogram showed that i have spindles (? not sure if thats the right name) coming off of the cancer. He decribed them as sort of spikes like a sea urchin. . MRI is sometime next week and I meet with him on the 23rd. Operation is pencilled in for the 29th. So I yhink things are moving quite quickly. Feel more in control now I know where we are heading.
Hope all is weel with you all xx

Lindyloo spindles are just a finding thatnhelps them know its cancer from the mammo… Some are blobs and they are harder to tell if it a cancer or not but the ones with spindles the easiest ones to pick up on mammo… They all have spindles really just that some show up better than others… The spindles are what gives the cancer the lumpiness… Good luck you mri, apt and op.

Lizzy glad you are taking some time off… I always need all the info i can as that helps me feel more in control… 13mm is small so thas good news and hope its a low grade and stage… I do that too with the damage limitation thing. 11 days does seem a while for resukts though ours is 6 or 7 days unless its over a bank holiday.

Lulu x

Just popped in to see if you ladies are OK.

Again I have a similar story, back for second screening not concerned even when I saw the lump on the boob but as soon as I saw the lump under my arm I knew that the dx would be positive and was.

I went back for the results and saw the surgeon the day after, had to wait 3 weeks for op and had a wide local excision to remove the breast lump and a full axillary clearance where they removed 2 tiers of lymph nodes.

Path results were 3 weeks later lump was 10mm x 9mm and 3 nodes positive so I started chemo 3 weeks after that. Had first one last Thursday and up to now doing OK.

Lizzyship so sorry to hear that you have a to cope with 2 awful events in your life but do come on here regularly you will get so much love and support it is amazing.

Lindyloo same for you keep posting and everyone will be there offering you both hugs and cyber hand holding.

You will both find a treatment plan gets things in perspective but the waiting seems interminable, all I can say is try to keep as busy as you can. I did a mini spring clean, shopping to fill cupboards and freezer and cooking for freezer too,kept my mind busy.

Amelieblossom I hope you are OK since you got your results.

Big hugs for you all:


Jean xx