Test results

Hi there everyone,

My best friend is waiting for test results after a biopsy. She was told the test results would take one week. Then after a week they called her and asked her to come in for the results. My Mum had breast cancer 7 years ago, when I told her that they had asked my friend to go in for the results she immediately said that they must have found something as normal procedure is just to write with results. Is this true? Her appointment is on Thursday and I can’t even call her as I don’t want her to know how worried I am.



I have recently been diagnosed and was told that anybody who has to experience a biopsy has to go and get the results at the hospital. My friend was one of the lucky ones whose lump was benign, but she still had to be told this by the consultant, so it doesnt mean
your friend will receive bad news.

Good luck

I don’t know anybody who has received results in the post. From my own experiences, recently and years ago, biopsy results good or bad have always been given to me in person.

Fingers crossed for your friend.

me too iv’e never heard of anyone receiving redults like this from the post especially if they have had a biopsy, it would be just too much, anyway if it was bad news they would need to discuss the next step.
love reneexx

Same here. All results face to face. So your friend shouldn’t worry on that count. Hope it was good news.