tests Just been watching Richard and Judy and they were talking about Herceptin and HER status of bc and it got me thinking.

Is it only invasive bc that is tested for all these things?
Or would they test DCIS? I only remember them telling me it was comedo type but nothing else.
Anyone know any more about it?

Hello Sue For what it’s worth, I, too, had the comedo type of DCIS, from which there escaped a small invasive tumour of no special type.

Non-comedo is better than comedo, so it might be worth enquiring about your Her2 status. However, as you will read on another thread begun by me (A bit of a fraud), you may not get any joy.

Let me know how you get on.


hi —Thanks for that have just read your other post. I am going back to clinic for a new lump looking at this afternoon so I will ask them about it!!!

No Hi Sue

I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS, no invasion.

I didn’t even know about status, HER2 etc till I came on this site.
And when I asked my breast care nurse, she told me at Addenbrookes they don’t test for status if it’s DCIS. So I’ve had no other treatement, just mastectomy and that was it.


Um… …I confess, I think this is where it gets tricky. I had high grade DCIS with no invasive component. My consultant did test for my Her status and I know it is Her2 +++. Now some argue that this is not relevant if you have not had invasive cancer. In which case why do the test in the first place.

I do worry that this over expressing oncogene with eventually create more cancer somewhere, sometime. I know that if I had had invasive cancer I would have had a poor prognosis. Particularly as there is a history of heart failure in my family and I have a murmer, - so I may not be a great candidate for Herceptin should the worst happen.

I’ve never really been able to get a clear answer to this question.