TEVA brand shortage?

Ugh, I went to pick up my repeat prescription for tamoxifen today and the pharmacist told me there is a shortage of the TEVA brand and he can’t get hold of any until mid April!! Has anyone else had this? I only have 3 tablets left.


I refused the Wockhardt on offer, so he is going to order in other brands if he can for me to try. Any recommendations?


Am already having so many hot flushes, even on TEVA, and I feel about 100 years old with those SEs and my rads, don’t want to upset things even more… xx

Somebody else mentioned difficulty getting Teva brand which is worrying ,I have 2 months supply luckily but really want to stick to same brand,better the devil you know!!I heard Mylan can be OK ,but everyone is different Did the ppharmacist explain why the shortage ?

The alternative days thing sounds bonkers!!!I would take it for a couple of weeks see how you get on ,unless it’s truly awful obviously.I had to go to 4 chemists before I found a pharmacist who understood why it was important to have same brand,I was close to tears having to keep explaining.Im sure there is info re different brands affecting people differently on a number of sites,the pharmacists should be aware.

I picked up my Tamoxifen today and the pharmacist has given me Mylan and Actavis. Can anyone offer any insight / recommendation as to which I try first? I have 3 Teva tablets left, they should be back in stock mid April… Thanks x

Try the Mylan,hopefully you won’t notice any difference ,not everyone seems to be affected by change of brand ,some people are more sensitive than others.

In case anyone else has the same issue with Teva unavailability, I have been on the Mylan for a few days now with no additional side effects. If anything I have had fewer hot flushes, but it is difficult to judge as I have also been taking supplements to try and calm these down.


Thanks for your help all, this forum is so useful.

Hope this brand treats you well.Im not looking forward to going for my next prescription,keeping everything crossed they manage to get Teva for me.

Hi Everyone,


I also use teva Tamoxifen and my chemist can’t get hold of it either.  I phoned Teva and they have said they are out of stock and will be back in middle of April although they told the chemist end of May.


As you’ve all said we get enough problems and SEs without having to change brand.  My local chemist, bless her heart, tried everything to get me Teva but there doesn’t seem to be any anywhere.


Now on wockhart this month - which I don’t like gives me headaches and I can feel so low on it too.


Ho Hum, the joys.


take care all


J xx


This has happened before,all seems very weird that a drug company runs out of drugs (more than once!!)???I have 6 weeks supply of Teva hope they can get it by then.

I’d been taking the Teva brand of Anastrozole since last summer with minimal side effects (sweats, mood swings, fuddled brain but not joint pain, thank goodness) so was anxious when my last repeat prescription was by Morningside Healthcare in case my s/es increased.  I’ve taken about 6 weeks worth now and haven’t noticed any difference from Teva.  Could be worth asking the pharmicist about this brand?

I just collected my prescription and my go had no problems getting teva. I live near nottingam

I actually rang TEVA last week in desperation as my SEs are horrendous on another brand. Out of stock until maybe April, maybe July. I have actually halved my dose of tamoxifen as I can’t cope with the hot flushes. :( 

My local chemists is unable to supply the Teva brand Al and has told me it could take up to month for it to come in.  I took my prescription to Boots chemist who said they could order it in for the next day however the next day they called to say they are unable to supply Teva and if I would like another brand so I asked for Arimidex. I have had no hot flushes or SE since taking Arimidex; if only I could get these all the time. I am in Coventry.

So i can ask for actual Arimidex? I didnt realise this. I will try and see if my chemist will order me this instead as ive heard its better but more expensive.

Nicki could Teva explain why they keep running out of supplies?This happened in November too.Rather unreliable ,I am tempted to experiment with other brands so as to avoid this ongoing issue but never a good time to give yourself a new selection of side effects !!

Hi Cavills, I think it depends on the chemist whether they will supply you with Arimidex instead, my local chemist said they wouldn’t give me Arimidex even though the Teva was unavailable but Boots Chemist said I could have any brand I wanted.

Your Doctor can specify your preferred brand on your prescription, the chemist then has to supply it.  I have teva on mine. This hasn’t helped with the company being out of stock though so still on different brand this month.


I was at the hospital on Monday and mentioned that Teva were out of stock. The doctor said that suppliers sell their drugs abroad too (for more money). So this is not an uncommon situation. I hadn’t thought of that before.



Anyone had any luck getting Teva? I have had to stop my Tamox as I was getting the most horrible mood swings… I just couldn’t cope with it. I know I have to take them but sometime the affects are so bad I can’t function. Teva are the only ones that dodn’t make me into a maniac!

Is it the general opinion that Accord anastrozole is fairly OK re s/es?  In the 10 months I’ve been on the tabs I’ve had Actavis, Teva, Morningside and my latest repeat prescription is now Accord!  I’ve been very fortunate not experience the joint pain with any brand but did wonder whether my mood was lower whilst on the Morningside - or could just have been that I’d got a lousy cold virus…

Teva back in stock, just rang them and they say its available now. :smileyvery-happy: