Thank goodness for familial mammogram

Hi all, just wanted to say, Thank goodness for my regular familial mammogramm, i am quite new here, but am 45, just had WLE and stage 3 node clearance, dont get my results until the 21st of this month.

If it hadn’t been for my familial mammogram i would never have known i had bc, as i already have lumpy breats.

I have had a few probs with my left breast over the last 10 yrs, cysts, thickening benign lump, mastitus, so although i regularly checked my breasts, i never realised the lump in my breast.

The senior house reg who was working on the day of my op, came to mark my breast for the surgery, even he couldnt tell exactly where the bc was, so went and had a wire put into it a couple of hours before surgery, so i had no hope of spoting it.

I was quite angry with myself when i was dx, as i checked my breasts regularly and hadnt spotted the lump, but at least i was in the familial program, and the lump was found early.

When i get sorted myself, i want to sort out familial programme for my two daughters aged, 18 and 25.

Thanks for listening. Sandrae x x x

hi sandra

sometimes you can feel the lump because it is so small, so perhaps this is the case… with screening mammograms they often find cancers at a very early stage before you would find them for yourself so maybe this is why both you and the reg couldnt feel anything apparent.

hope you are recovering well.

as for your daughters they can request screening… if its familial they will often be offered it from 5 years before the youngest person had cancer… eg i developed it at 37 so my daughter could get screening from 32… however since then due to the family history i had genetic testing and found to carry the BRCA 2 gene which my daughter can get tested for or screening can be offered from an earlier age of around 25.

at age 18 and 25 with only a family history and no genetic pre-disposition your daughters would probably only be screened from approx age 35 at the earliest by mammogram.


Hi Lulu,

Thanks for the advice,

My mum,her mum and her mums sister all had bc for they were 45, then me at 45, my mums cousin had ovarian cancer, i think b4 she was 40.

I was testsed a few years ago for the brca1 and wasnt found to have it, i foolishly decided not to be tested for the brca2 when i was offered an app, as there was a bit of confusion, i thought i had been tested then i was told i hadnt, then i thought the stress of awaiting test results was a nightmare, and that i would rather not know anymore, i already knew i was at risk due to family history, but maybe i should have plucked up the courage to have the test.

Foolishly i decided not to. who knows, maybe i do not have the brca2 gene, may look into it again for may daughters sake.

Thanks again Sandrae x x x

Just thought I’d add, I have no family history of BC, and was dx at 44. I have two daughters, and was told that they should get themselves tested from 10 years before my age at dx - ie from 34

Hi all

Here’s the link to the BCC ‘Breast cancer in families’ publication which you may find helpful:

Best wishes

Thanks ladies,

Will have another look at that link Lucy,

I looked earlier on today, but haven’t taken it all in yet.
Just about know what day it is today, i think its the pain meds.
Have had blood drained from swollen armpit twice, due to have it done again tommorrow a.m.

Sandrae x x x

Sandrae I too was 44 at time of diagnosis and was only picked up by family history screening mammo. I had no palpable lump and my biopsy had to be done under ultrasound. I dread to think what would have happened without the screening as my cancer was 3cm and couldn’t be felt even by the experts.I had been screened since the age of 30.
Nicky xx

hi ladies,

Haven’t been here for a few days, felt a bit worse for wear for a few days, bad bruising and swelling under my armpit, only 17 days since surgery, donnt get my results till the 22nd, due to consultant being on holiday.

Thanks for your input, i am going to speak to my oncologist when i see her next, i have only seen her once, and that was 6 weeks ago at my diagnosis.

I want to make sure my two daughters get mammograms as soon as they can, i always explained to them about how to check for lumps, but as we know, from our experiences, thats not always enough.

I must admit, until i came to the forum, i never realised just how many younger women had bc, when my own mum was first diagnosed 27 years ago there wasnt the same amount of support, she struggled to cope, although she had my support, it wasn’t quite the same, i was only 18, my step dad wasn’t much support at all, he felt sorry for himself, not mum, my mum was as positive as she could be, and in that respect, i take after her, think positive, and not to far in advance, but saying that, i wish it was the 22nd, at least i would have my results, and would know where i was going next.

Sandrae x x x

I believe I am alive because of my sister, twice (maybe 3 times if I prove to be BRCA +)

She developed BC at 35 and again at 38 and died 2 months after her 40th birthday. Since she was diagnosed I had mammograms every year and after 10 years of them, I was diagnosed, I had felt no lump and neither had my gynecologist.(mastectomy and chemo) 7 years on and I’m here again (mastectomy last week and waiting for results next week. I had my annual check up early this year because I needed to be referred to a genetic dept as my niece, who was 3 when her Mum died, is now 16 and wants to know her chances, so I needed to get tested. I must admit 7 years on and I was getting complacent, and certainly not feeling any lump. I may not have bothered with a check up until the autumn this year…
And if I am BRCA + I suppose I will be facing ovarerectomy (or what ever its called )

With a tear in my eye I thank my sister.

PS The genetics dept were very reassuring about my niece and how she will be monitored over the years.

I am glad your niece will feel reassured,
I hope all goes well for you also,

Keep in touch, take care

Sandrae x