Thank you to this forum x

I can honestly say when my DCIS journey started last september i didnt know where to turn but this forum has been tremendous. Women on here have echoed every fear, question and doubt i have had and come through the other side. Everything i have experienced - someone has either been going through it with me or been through it before! I start my moving on course on Tuesday and will definitely be telling others to turn to the forum. Thank you my friends xxx

Hi Ali49,

I’m so glad to hear you have benefited so much from using our forum. All the best with your Moving Forward course.

In the meantime feel free to read through our Moving Forward guide:

Best wishes,


Yes i agree ali this forum has been a life line to me too. Thankyou

Me too. Thanks BBC and forum members. X

I honestly do not know what I would have done without this forum and website even though it was something I would never have dreamt joining, I am so thankful that I did.  I have met some wonderful ladies albeit virtually but this is the one place that I feel absolutely comfortable and safe to talk about anything and know that there is always someone there supporting me.


I have told my counsellor about this forum and she has taken down the details in case it is of help to other ladies and men that she might see with bc.


BCC thank you from the bottom of my heart for having this all available to us.  I have also signed up for Moving Forward, my course is in April but I am sure I will get a lot of info from Sue H-C and Ali before then.


Helena xx

I definitely prefer the forum to the moving forward course Helena. Talking to the other ladies i think what we all want is just others to talk to and with - which is what we have here!! The moving forward course - 1st session anyway- wasnt quite that for me xx

I too would like to thank this forum and the lovely people on here. I started my Dcis experience in June last year and was totally terrified as things kept changing it was the wonderful ladies who took the time to support me even though they were going through thier own experiences that have helped me through. I’ve made some wonderful friends and I hope I can be as supportive as they still are
Love Clair xx