thanks to all of you

I suspect that being the support system is probably even harder than being the person affected by cancer, and so I thought to post a thread to say a hige thank you to all of you engaged in this effort - I see what it costs my daughters and son, and I know it will be the same for many of you.

It’s a process, and if we can be open and honest we will progress, and maybe come out the other end stronger.  

But we did no choose this, we did not give consent, so I would say that if you are having a tough time emotionally, practically or feeling annoyance, guilt etc (all the things that can realy do damage) - 

Friends will support you just as much as you are giving suppport to your loved one. And they will be glad to help rather than feeling helpless on the sidelines.

And as for us, well, if we can stand the impact of treatment, we must be a tough old bunch … dont be scared, if you are honest with us that means we can be honest with you. And that is quite something!

Well done, each and every one of you, it might not always feel that way but you clearly are getting it right. 

and - thank you