Thanks to everyone - a motley, reconstructed band (PMs for ever!)


Thanks Ladies, so much for all of your PMs to my post about residual disease (recurrence)


I’ve read and rereasd all. All  of you at different points on this ride/journey/challenge/torture (pick your own term) but all incredibly generous in sharing details of your treatments and encouragement for me. Even though, we have never met; having been through that op; the run-up and the recovery gives you an instant connection to those who have also got through.


The suggestion, was made to me, to use this forum for support, during my most hideous meeting regarding treatment to date.( I DON’T THINK THERE IS A  PRIZE JUST YET BUT… ) One of those (I had a couple with the same person - a bull or bully,) who I was fair game to until, I finally caved and cried to which he replied " now I can see how much it matters to you"  My reasoned arguments re why I wasn’t planning on taking a treatment with a very, very small benefit  in my situation but with lots of possible side effects weren’t permissible… tears, however seem to be easier to deal with. More in keeping with the profile, i’m supposed to adopt for all this, I suspect.


So, I guess something positive can come out of even the most negative of situations.   THANKS AGAIN… 


Thanks again,