thankyou all

I had my appointment today, and it was an infected abscess or cyst which they drained, probably caused by periductal mastitis, but not dodgy. So I’m on antibiotics now, and will be back to the clinic see if they’ve worked, or if I need any further treatment like a little op. But it isn’t cancerous.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts when I’ve posted, and I wish all of you still waiting for an appointment a good diagnosis, and those of you going through treatment the best possible outcome.

thanks so much - clare x

Hi clare

Im so pleased for you, thats lovely news. Its funny isnt it a cyst or abscess in your mouth is like the end of the world but one on your boob is a relief. Funny old world eh! lol

Take Care
Yvonne xx

Hi Clare,

I am so pleased that you have had good news, if you can call drainage and antibiotics good news but I think you know what I mean.

Onwards and upwards now, well done for following the ‘lump’ through.


Hi Clare, really pleased for you, must be a great relief.

Luv Carol x

Well, there are nicer things in the world than antibiotics and possible duct excision – but everyone gets little things wrong with them, and I’m just really grateful it isn’t a big thing! thank you!

excellent news bowers really chuffed for you! xx