the 1st one done!

hi guys,

I hope you are all ok. I had my first chemo on Friday - in and out in 2 hours- couldn’t believe how quick it went as was expected to wait around all day! Felt ok til about 2ish then felt really sick until 10 at night - managed on ginger ale, lucozade and sparkling water - and very little food - i’m sure that was the problem with the feeling sick. Still felth a bit sick yesterday and today - when does it tail off as the ondansetron is now finished, dex finished tomorrow and domperidom finishes on wednesday. I think I might have to go to the dr’s tomorrow as well as I have had a blocked ear since the portacath was put in on tuesday - may have been the tilted bed!!! Apart from that just felt a bit down today and very tired as not sleeping great … roll on FEC no 2 (NOT!!!)

Julie G

Well done Julie. One down…
I also had my first FEC Friday. I had mine about 2pm, and felt fairly OK until Sat morning when the nausea hit. Took all my anti-sick stuff dex and domperidom - eventually got up around 4pm. Felt better then, been very very tired today, but the sickness wearing off now. Just hoping it doesn’t go downhill when the drugs stop!!
Take care
Big hugs

Hi Ali

Thats the worst bit isn’t it - not sure whats going to happen when the drugs stop - although my cancer nurse told me the domperidome can be taken is feeling a bit queasy other times but it takes 1-2 hours to work! Did you find eating a bit helped? I didn’t eat much but not sure if sickness due to ear problem - will definately get that sorted out tomorow. I’m glad we are pretty close in treatments it’s nice to see how others are dealing with it!


Julie G

Hi Julie

You can take other anti-sickness meds as well as domperidone, ring the chemo unit tomorrow and ask what they would recommend and then ask your GP to prescribe for you.


One down…WELL DONE!!
I had FEC fortunatley wasn’t affected by sickness but tiredness was bad, i also found i suffered bad heartburn after first one…but onc., were great, i was given something to ease that and also the sore mouth…do not suffer in silence, like Fuschia said ring your chemo line…they can give you more anti-sickness tablets etc., and if neccessary change them.

best wishes
karen x

Hi Julie and Ali,

Well done on getting your first chemo out of the way! I had my first FEC on the 11th and felt sick within hours. Had four horrible days but then it statred to lift on the Mon and just got better over the following days, I now feel preety ok, what about you two? Couldn’t sleep either so saw GP who gave me 2 weeks worth of Temazepam but I’ve only needed to take one.

How is your hair? I’ve not had any coming out yet and Im having the cold cap treatment. Hope it works but bought a really nice wig yesterday just incase!

Hugs, Malan xx

Julie - yes I ate little and often yesterday, but just dry toast, banana for brekkie and some eggs for lunch. I also drank loads of water during the chemo and afterwards and found tonic water and ginger things helped too. I dunno about you but I was told to take my DEX at brekkie and lunch, as it can make you not sleep - Kelly on here also said don’t take it after 2pm. Consequently I have had no trouble sleeping as yet. Keep us posted with the Dr’s and the ear thing.

Hi Malan
I am also having cold cap, so we’ll see - haven’t found a wig I like yet and it all seems so false - dunno whether I will bother or not.

Speak to you all soon

Hi Ali & Julie,

checking you two out, you’re big girls now!!! I know there’s been a few on here that started chemo v.recently, I messaged ali but didn’t realise you were starting too julie,soz. At least thats one down, awesome!!!

One quickie re: sickness/nausea. I can not tell you how much ‘travel bands’ have helped me since starting chemo in May. I really don’t like popping pills too much these days and I find the travel bands really do the job. You can wear them day and night too which is ideal.

My chemo nurses give me Domperidone just to take as an ‘additional’ as and when I need it,up to 4 a day. I can go days without any nausea at all and then will suddenly have a day when I just feel really queasey. Chemo is weird!!!

Anyway, hope we are all well today,

Take care all and ‘welcome’ to the 'chemo club,


Thanks Kelly.
Feel loads better. Luckily my friend picked up my 5yr old at 9.30 this morning and my 1yr old had a mammoth sleep, so I had lots of rest this morning. Still get a wave of nausea every so often, but nothing too bad. I felt so much better tonight I went to the gym, didn’t go mad in there - but felt pleased I went.
I am doing the cold cap thing but with FEC it is only 40-50% successful, haven’t found a wig I like yet and now wondering whether to bother with the ‘dead cat on yer head’ look. What did you decide to do?

Hi guys

Went to DR’s yestrday about ear and she thinks that the sliding bed whilst having the portacath in sent it all up the swaney!! I have ear drops and if they need to syringe I have to wait until after day 10 (in case of infection). I have woken up today with normal temperature but a sore throat so I will call the chemo unit at 9 for some info. Sickness has worn off now but like you kelly, I am still wearing the bands. Ive been taking the DEX brekkie and lunch and have had no problems with sleep - doing a bit of that at the moment - kids break up on wednesday for summer so making the most of it! All tablets finished now except for domperdome (sounds like a wine!!) for another day. Feel much happier today we have a bit of early sunshine in Chertsey, Surrey so I am making the most of happy dorphins!!

Catch you all later
Julie G

  • x -

Dear Bestie

I did the cold cap for my first treatment but my hair mostly fell out 16 days later. Or I should say thinned, I have a bald patch in the middle and patches of baldness at the back. So I didn’t bother with it for my second chemo a week and a half ago. I have a couple of wigs, a couple of scarves and a hat so alternate them. I’m back at work wearing my wig and everyone keeps saying how nice my hair looks (those who don’t know that I am on chemo) so it must be quite realistic!

It’s very much a personal choice though

Cecelia. x

Intravenous Domperignon wheel it on!!!

Hi ali & julie,

glad to hear you are doing ok. Those travel bands are the business!! Good on 'ya for going to the gym ali, I have been trying to get out and play golf as much as possible on my ‘good days’. Re: wigs, I have 2, an NHS one and one from a place called ‘Trendco’. Personally, although they are both very ‘un-rug like’, I really don’t like wearing them. I am much more of a scarf person and am definately happiest when in my scarves.

Take care all,


Hi Guys

Hope you are all ok. Had a bad day yesterday - we all knew that would happen! Sore throat played up allnight so much so that at 3pm this morning I was sucking on cars ice pops like nobody’s business! Anyway another trip to the Dr’s this morning to make sure all ok. Is there anything I can take to calm it down? - it’s never been this bad before. Also fed up with no additional support, husband is fantastic but he needs to work as I have no money coming in at the moment (Registered childminder and did not earn enough in NI contributions) and my family are in Wiltshire/Gloucester borders so they have enough to deal with at the moment - just typical! Anyway enough moaning for today - I’m sure I will be much happier after some decent sleep!

See you


Sorry you are not feeling well Julie, hope the Dr has some practical advice for you. Luckily I haven’t had this portacath thing, so I have been ok since Monday. It’s a bit crap for you that you don’t have the support you need, hopefully your family will be able to help you soon when they are dryed out.
Take care and keep us posted.
PS - are you having all 6 as FEC or a combo with something else?

Hi Julie

I was wondering how it had gone for you…I have been away for a week or so without technoly access…LOL…

;y 2nd is on Monday… you will feel better soon…I PROMISE!


Hi Julie & all

I too had my first FEC on Friday (20th Jul) and have been staggered by how tired I’ve been. Today, a week on, is my first ‘normal’ day: I don’t feel like I’m hungover or been in 10 rounds with Tyson. I have been able to look after my kids, aged 4 and 1 - a challenge at the best of times - by myself today and haven’t laid down once - A RESULT. The anit-sickness tablets have done their stuff as I’ve not actually been sick although felt like it most of the time. But they have screwed up my sleep patterns no end!!!

I’ve also had the flu type aches which made me feel so much worse but thankfully I’ve had help with the children. I just hope the help will still be there by FEC 6 or else it’s gonna be a nightmare.My nerve pain has got so much worse now though - is this anything to do with chemo?

Nice to hear from some of you who are the “ladies who sail through it” frequently mentioned on the chemo suite by the way. I thought it was a myth to make the rest of us pull ourselves together. Well done - I’m just going with it - if I feel cr*p, I feel like cr*p!

I’m finding I can say ‘breast cancer’ now without flinching but am having problems saying ‘chemotherapy’ without wanting to wretch! Such is the cancer roller-coaster.

Love to all you ladies x

Hi guys

Well … a week on and I feel like i’m getting back to normal (if you can call it that - things haven’t been normal for the last 12 weeks!!!) Sore throat almost dissapeared now and queasy feeling totally gone. Went to hospital on Friday to have stitches removed from my portacath insertion and the lovely Chemo nurse talked about my queasy feelings and said that next FEC (10th aug) they will give me some additional anti-sickness as this can be avoided. Had a few ups and downs on day 3 past 1st chemo - very tearful, but the day after that I bounced back. Went out to friends on Friday eve which was lovely I have such fantastic friends!!! Also my family are hoping to come down this week so that will be be good - I have really missed my mum (it doesn’t matter how old you are (39) when you don’t feel well you always want your mum!!)

LOL to all of you


Hi Julie & everyone

Doesn’t a week seem a long time? Still I am glad we are all at the same stage of chemo together, makes it a bit better when we can talk about our shared experiences.
I’m glad you both feel a bit better now and maybe you might have a ‘normal’ week this week…

I was told this will be my ‘don’t let anyone sneeze on you’ week - how helpful when the kids are off and they need to go places. One of my friends is taking them out Tuesday, and another Thursday - but just wondering what I am gonna do with them for the rest of the week. If the sun shines will be OK as they are happy in the garden. I don’t wanna live in a bubble, but at the same time I don’t want to end up with an infection so soon…

Mammabee - I know what you mean about saying certain words - I can say cancer and chemo now (wow!) but struggling with ‘wig’!!!

We have a wedding to go to in Cardiff in 2 weeks time, happy coincidence that is the same weekend where the experts predict the hairloss kicks in. Have emergency wig and big hat ready in case, but I have to say I am getting very jittery about it now - the texture has changed. It feels very dry and rough. I keep making jokes about being a pirate, but I feel really angry and it hasn’t even happened yet. I am doing the cold cap but it is only 50% successful with FEC. Watch this space…

How’s your hair Malan? Any change yet?

Hope you have a nice day girls - enjoy the sunshine if you get any.
Love and hugs

Hey girls,

Glad you all feeling ok. I had the ‘normal’ feeling on Friday - my best day yet but it’s shot down hill again.

I’ve got the sore throat from hell - feels like tonsilitis you know that swallowing glass feeling but as I’ve got no temp hospital says just gargle mouthwash. That’s doing nothing and even paracetemol not helping. Then there’s the worry if you take pain reflief your temperature could go up and you wouldn’t know - aaaarrrggghhh!!!
I’ve got a runny nose nose though so I reckon I’ve managed to pick up a cold - I can’t believe it. BUT the worst is my daughter woke up this morning with CHICKEN POX !!!

I’ve rung the hospital and am still waiting for them to call back - 2 hours later !! I feel like the world’s against me - hubby & I are supposed to go to the test match today - it’s his 40th birthday and have been looking forward to this day since I got the tickets in Nov last year. Think I’ll chase hospital in a bit because we got to go. PLUS my oven packed up yeaterday so we got to somehow fit in a trip to Curry’s today too.

I’m just so astounded at it all and am annoyed because after a rough chemo week last week was beginning to feel ok

Will let you know what hospital say but I’ll be well cheesed of if I’ve got to sit there on an antiviral drip all day.

Cancer sucks!!!

Bestie - hope the hat & wig combo works for the wedding - cover all angles. I got a lovely wig fom Hot hair - £200 but reckon it’ll be well spent. It’s called Louise - lurvely!!! Am dreading looking like a pinhead - with my big boobs I’ll look like a skittle.